(12 April 2008 by Carl A. Patton)


Beloved this was not the only day I thought of you. Every since I have entered your presence in my heart and mind I Have Thought of You. What did/do I think? What do/did I imagine? What will I see?


My beloved this day

I thought of you as I quietly

sat upon fallen trees overlooking

Stones River.


The day was beautiful and one never to leave the confines of my locked mind and human computer. I had found this surely wonderful and splendid place. The quiet of the elements had come to adobe here. Meanwhile I just wanted to soak up all of this heaven on earth once more than once. The natural environment had rendered me a good seat and resting place. The water flowed below and I looked upon the Creation at the strategically placed rocks that were part of this natural habitat.


This was a new resting place

to write and think, here the

music from the water falling

upon stationery rocks added to my

silence this personal solitude.


I had been here before but not exactly at this place. I and my mind raced through times of old and new. I listened to the natural rhythms once more than once. The water saw me not as an invader of its private and secluded space. I was welcomed to the concert and the music played on.


Meanwhile I knew that you

would feel and see the things

I see and feel. My heart felt good.


But I thought and felt for certain that if you were here you would also see feel and touch what I felt deep in my heart. This was a good feeling. For this goodness was not for me alone. Chills passed over me and from head to toe I was glad to be here.


This felt like magic. Is there a

precious miracle in the feel

and sight of the great Creation?


In awareness once more than once as the Creation had no end to its mystery and intrigue.


Blessed is the Creation and blessed

is your unique and sensual beauty.

Your loveliness so esteemed knew

no rivals as God sends only the truly



Could I compare, should I compare your beauty to that of the trees the shrubbery the singing birds the feel of the Wind? However your presence was a unique appearance and experience. The Wind I knew not its name. But You I held in my arms.


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