THE INSPIRATION (6 April 2008 by Carl A. Patton)


All praises are due to Almighty God for the inspiration to write in verse and in prose. I am also thankful for my inspiration in the flesh. This is what I thought of when I saw this verse. The title clearly tells the story.



I looked all around and was

inspired by the great Creation.

To see this was also a grand inspiration.


My surroundings had constantly held me in awe. I now at this time in life knew of the power of the Great Creation. This was a Divine inspiration and then came You.


I know God and I know inspiration.


Meanwhile I can feel and touch

the mighty, kind and gentle



Yes, to know God is to feel the inspiration (s). So much talk and more than once of the mighty gentle Wind. I will never cease talking of the Spirit as the Wind rides high above the clouds. Will the Spirit follow and ride with the Wind?


I can feel and see the unseen.


I also can feel and reach out

and touch my earthly inspiration.

Blessed are these thoughts.


Meanwhile the Wind was fleeting and teasing while I never could fully grasp it and hold on to it in a firm warm embrace. Although it embraced me. But You I could touch and find a home in her careful embrace of me and the Wind.


I touched and embraced Heaven.


The fire and excitement aroused

my Spirit as your beautiful

enchanting presence would forever

be an inspiration for me to see Peace and

Paradise daily.


Love was not lost in flesh and desire. This was a blessed spirit and I knew of Paradise, Peace and serene times daily.


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