(2 April 2008 by Carl A. Patton)


There was a blessing this day as I thought of the love of my life. I was especially happy and filled with joy as I anxiously awaited her arrival. What would the day bring? I long and look for bliss filled nights as the good at heart gaze, stare and marvel at the Moon.


This day was a beautiful day

as she was due to arrive

before the noon hour.


In retrospect I remember when I would tell my mother when I was a boy “I hurry up when Daddy gets home.” These were my very thoughts as I thought of a lover who came as Delilah strapped as Jezebel coming to see me along the Cumberland Plateau in Middle Tennessee. High noon there would be a big shoot out at our ranch and everybody would win and nobody would die but live on in splendor and what some call romance.


Excitement and warm thoughts

had consumed me all week

long as dreams now would,


This week had been a good week as I contemplated on good times. I need some fun and enjoyment and Spiritual food. The squirrels and rabbits were jealous and my trees just stood and watched.


Come true. I looked to the sky

and embraced a sweet breeze

as the wind sung mellow and,


I awoke out of my slumber to a living sweet dream and felt the might and power of the Wind. I also heard sweet delightful songs in my ear and along the space that held me here on earth.


Delightful songs in both ears.

There was a certain mystique and

mystery about her and so were,


I could hear the romantic rhythms although there was no band to play. What of an orchestra or symphony for these were exquisite songs as the ordinary had no home. Soon the mysterious interlude would take place and connoisseurs were even amazed.


The thoughts of sweet delicious

cherries. But just how sweet are

cherries? A gentlemen will never,


Never could the responsible and the mature speak of intimate pleasures and the lover’s delights. However there would come a time when the poets would speak.


Tell, nor would the poet be able to

truly tell of moments of sweet passion.

The visual artist could never paint pictures,


I hail the artists that can capture bliss and ecstasies on paper, canvas are in song. Sing and play on into the night.


Of these moments of endearment as these

dreams are for your eyes only. Anticipation

thus turned into reality as no one,


Reality sets in and takes the place of dreams as they have served its purpose.


Could create these dreams that came

from Heaven as this is where the

cherry blossoms and graceful angels rest.


This surely is a special angel. As the grace of humans have never seen no rivals as you stand alone.


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