(16 March 2008 by Carl A. Patton)

This day I was blessed once more than once to hear these words. I heard a perpetual sweet voice softly and soothing to the ear, mind, heart and soul.

I had never heard the rose petals of every

color of the rainbow talk. Nor had I heard

the tulips the orchids and the beautiful bouquets

of violets and baby breathe talk.


There were so many beautiful flowers that the mere mortal could not count them. Nor did he know the colors of the rainbow. However in love they spoke of the peace and the rain. As the rain caused them to grow. What just what will send this love to harvest?


Sweet gardenias and peonies

just kissed the sky as their

delight was the connoisseurs dream.

Here I saw what could be described as the sweetest flowers and those that were most colorful. Here those that had the good taste for delicious flowers knew no boundaries.


However glory to God I saw them sing in Spring

time as the colors and the natural fragrance of God

sent sachets pierced the air night and day.

The time of gathering came upon the land and I stood as John and I saw them in full bloom.


I smelled sweetness at noon time when the sun

was high. I could also see, feel and touch fresh

scents in the air at the sight of the moon.


All along the day and night I could see feel and touch this magic. This beauty knew no time nor would not rest until it devoured me in delight and this was joy.


Godís glory also allowed me to hear a living

flower talk. Soft, delicate, gentle, charming

and ever enchanting was this voice.


The Creation will never be matched as it allowed the miracles and her unforgettable voice of enchantment.


Now I could see a beautiful flower child there.

I also saw love in motion as a promised voice of

An affectionate flower child spoke and love lived on.


She now spoke to me as flower children are bold in all endeavors as her beauty will invade any heart as long as it is open.


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