(12 March 2008 by Carl A. Patton)


This day as I was inspired to write these lines I heard God speak to woman. Realizing once more than once that there is Spiritual Healing and this realization is Supreme. Blessed are the righteous ones.




Could only the righteous ever

hear God talk as He spoke through

the elements, the wind and the rain.


I looked for ever more than once toward the sky the ground and up at the rain. Here I could see God and this I found much satisfaction in. Who else could see these things?  I know you see the trees and sky also but do you see what I see?


Oh! So much talk of the Wind.

For there the Spirits reside.

Meanwhile I was listening but

never could I hear the conversations

with God.


Always fascinated with the Wind I could hear it talk throughout the land and the universe. God held the microphone and as I heard the elements I could hear the Father.


No one could hear the Spirit speak

to our brethren. However He did

speak and as we stay in righteousness

we can hear and move with the Wind.


Many still stood up in amazement as they know not the way and Spirit of the Wind. It touched me.


The righteous felt in their heart

the love of a real Christian among the

many who had come and called.


Glory to God for a righteous woman who also loves God. Many had fell by the wayside and leaned on the line of the Goats. Often saying they despised the goat herders but embracing fantasy and lies.


Speaking to God about a Godly

companion speaks of your righteousness

as God meant for man and woman to

be joined as one.


The Divine order has rendered a just and due law. The equally yoked reach out and embrace the moon the wind the stars and grow in the rain as sunshine forever shines.


Precious Lord spoke to a woman

just as He had spoke to Carl.

Therefore Carl listened and he

heard a beautiful voice,


I will not cheat God as he spoke I listened. I heard that my beloved also spoke the same language as she also could hear God.


A voice he wanted to hear

in song for life everlasting as this

was a great preparation for Heaven

and Peace and Paradise on earth.


Will she forever be my song-bird singing righteous songs all the days that are not long and nights that come as the spirits move and as the world no longer turns?



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