I SAW HER YESTERDAY 3-9-08 by Carl A. Patton


On this day I thought of you and I could see you before, now and later. These are my additional thoughts as we look at each stanza of poetic verse.


No doubt as I went

out upon the land

often looking but never

searching I saw her yesterday.


I had been with eyes all of my life and looking for the one and only love. This only came when I reached a certain level of maturity to be able to see love. Furthermore this only comes with the acceptance of Christ as one does not know love without Christ. Therefore I saw/see what I had been looking for in a past life that is now becoming a reality.


Thus I would come to

see how she would be

cast on my looking glass

when I saw beauty in,


There were many glasses and mirrors that looked back at me with your image etched in my heart.


Quietness as this was when

one could think, mediate

and commune with God

and Christ.


Again more than once I could only see these things as I wallowed and relished in solitude. Never could righteous thoughts be stolen. There I rested in secluded peace and as this gave way to great inspirations. I moved with the creative spirit.


There was also an innocent

presence that demanded attention

although there was this peaceful

and serene reserve that,


There was a faultless and pure quality here that would not wait on attention. The great mystery was there but not to the side of bewilderment. This temperament was one of great intrigue that would render the pleasant surprises of gifts unseen but some that came in confidence.


Thrived on charm, blessed

beautiful grace and love

of Godís human subjects.


I saw a nimble, refined lady of my dreams moving upon the landscape and loving all of Godís children.


Groomed and who put the

T in immaculate I saw her

on Sunday. Seven days

reached out at me and so,


Desirable is this wonderful woman that courts you with groomed charm. This was the Lordís Day and I saw her then and there.


Were all the days of my life?

Just how could you have seen

her yesterday and not know

how are who to look upon?


Tis the divine destiny to see into yesterday. This maturity I once spoke of allowed me to see this. For this I am eternally grateful.



The physical bounty now gave

way to opulent Spiritual loveliness

that God ordained.


Again once more than once I testify as to the number one quality and love. This is the love of God that makes you a perfect angel.


Love and all things between

a man and a woman now came

from God. The heart

leaped for joy.


My beloved is it indeed a pleasure to know God? For with God once more than once we can see life and life is the Creation and the Creation is God.


Meanwhile the soul and

body rejoiced and the

Spirits shouted in Peace

and Paradise.


My body felt good all over. I am blessed and thankful for the privilege and ability to feel and touch you with these words. We will forever rejoice in Paradise.



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