(3-6-08 by Carl A. Patton)


He came as he was sent

looking out upon the land.

So beautiful were the rolling

hills and valleys the cows

reside there.


It is my sincere belief that I have been sent and called by Almighty God. Therefore I have come to critique the land the earth in which we live as we see and interact and see the interactions of humankind. This we do from a Spiritual perspective. We meaning as always guided by the Holy Spirit.


Meanwhile the land and its people are so beautiful although man in his foolishness often will spoil the landscape if you allow him. However the land stood tall stretching far and wide I thus thank Almighty God for the trees the dirt the animals of the field the wind and the rain.


This great Creation he would

never cease to marvel at. Often

though he walked alone as few

in the flesh understood his moods

and his dedication to the Divine



Would I ever be weary of the great landscape the Great Creation of God? Here I found peace and solace in self and the trees as they knew of my mission as they sought to lift down no one.


In solitude he created many inspired

words and thoughts that are gifted to

those that heed the Spirit.


There never alone among the trees and the birds that fly he saw life in its entirety as he paid attention to the wind.



This day he was alone but realizing

a date with destiny he smelled the beauty

of a Godly flower. The colorful bouquets

filled the earth. But this one stood



Blessed are the talents the gifts and sense of smell as he could feel this presence especially in the deep reaches of his home among the elements. Honeysuckle wild fragrance filled his nostrils as the precious flowers gave way to human flesh that also call on life like the rose.


She leaned on Jesus and that

was what was most important?

She also felt secure in her love

for God the Father.


Precious is the righteous woman who savors the breast of Jesus she will make a good helpmate.


He touched her hand she

smiled and he found pleasure

In her charm, her physical beauty

and the inner grace and elegance

that flourished in her body and soul.


Gentle was the touch and warm embrace as his eyes met her in a vision that smiled and danced in joy as the goodness of life filled her soul. Surely as he lived a hundred years ago a King’s ransom would she bring.


They called her by name and they

called him Carl. They walked

in the sunshine they both could

see and feel the Creation.


Who were these two song-birds? Did they meet and grasp destiny? Filtered sun light filled the air and the spotlight of joy shined upon them.



God graciously has ordained

the union of man and woman.

This is a good day. I pray

for many good days to come.


Grateful we are to Almighty God for bringing the esteem pleasure of man to see woman and for woman to see man. They will be blessed to see many days that have come and gone but will always remember all the days they live.


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