Herewith is an introduction to the piece on Sunday. This is the first day of the calendar week. This day is set aside for rest and worship by most Christians. Why?

The Disciples after the resurrection which occurred the first day of the week (Luke 24:1; and John 20:1) met on that day to celebrate the event.

This day was endorsed by Jesus by special appearances see (Mark 16: 9 and John 20: 19).

On the first day of the week the Disciples in Troas worshipped see (Acts 20: 7).

Meanwhile the Apostle Paul in his first letter to the Corinthians admonished them to lay up in store as God had prospered them. This they were to do week by week on the first day. (See I Corinthians 16: 2).


The record shows that the Greeks had no seven-day week at that time. Thus we find that Paul informs the Corinthians that the first day is the Christian Sabbath.  Nowhere does Paul mention that the seventh day as a day of worship is evidence that it had been supplanted by the first day.


The record further reveals that the early Christian writers confirm the fact that the first day was taken as the Christians day of worship. Subsequently history proves that it supplanted the Hebrew Sabbath even among the coverts from Judaism.


This day to us, the righteous is not last

but as the first day, however we saved

it for last as this is the good day.


But are all days good with the Lord?

Yes for sure for those that know Him.

Here we find the Lord’s Day.


A time of worship and fellowship

among the saints that can never

be recaptured in any other setting.


We pray meanwhile for true and

sincere hearts as this is the heart that

will reap Peace and Paradise.


This day as a day of the Lord extends

to our study throughout the week. Thus

we know the role of man and woman,


As Christ leads the way. We also know

of Peace the great stress breaker and

way to Heaven here on earth.


I thank God for you  and I

trust that your week has only

begun as Sunday is the day of all days.


I hear the words “rejoice and be glad

in it.” I will and a blend of days

quickly, slowly pass by as we appreciate,


The day of a thousand dreams that will

all come true for everlasting as time

stands still.


Love Now & Forever More,




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