Now comes Saturday to some the

last and final day of the week. To

some also a time of worship.


I pray my love that all of our

brethren will worship daily and

Saturday, Friday or Sunday will,



Not automatically get you to

Peace and to wonderful Paradise.

However the Bible is clear as we will,


See as we move to Sunday, yes

Sunday.  So let us take our time

during this day to enjoy the embrace,


And bosom of God knowing that

He has all power and will forever

be with us as long as we stay locked,


In His hands. I hear joyful sounds

throughout the world as I bear

witness to the great Creation.


I hear and see these things

because I know Jesus. He is

love. Let us sing praises of love

as to know Christ is love of self and,


There is a blessed sweet love angel.

The week will never end it

has only begun.


Peaceful & Good Dreams Always,




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