My heart sings sweet songs of inspiration

each morning I awake. I hear floating

among the space between me and Heaven

your love songs.


This day I thought about seeing and feeling

your thoughts. Do the private thoughts also

exist on the lips and heart of those truly that

know, see and feel love?


I thank God once more for the inspiration

for without this I could tell not my feelings

here through these lines. Nor could I feel

 secret and special thoughts and bear witness to my inner feelings.


I sincerely thank God for this day as all

days, knowing you have made each day I

live more meaningful.  My love more joy

is  to come as the feast and great occasion,


Will be yet to come as two lover’s become

joined, knitted and tied for life. Here comes

Wednesday here comes my love walking

toward me. My heart and soul… feeling good.


With the Love of Life’s Sweet Journey,







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