What is Tuesday my love?

some simply say it is the third

day of the week between Monday

and Wednesday.


However it is the second day for us

as the best is saved for last which

in this poetic verse it is first.


However the climax the culmination in this

instance will be for everlasting but we will

get to that point later.


Awakening today on Tuesday we see

another day and a brighter day. I declare that

each day we count on Godís green earth is brighter than the last?


Once more we gain another milestone in the wonderful

knowledge of the Word. This guarantees

your ongoing testimony of a positive day.


God dwells in the positive, Satan and evil

dwells and resides in the negative. I am

grateful for your divinely inspired inspiration.


There are more lustrous days ahead, as the

Saints speak, the days get better as we live for

we get closer to the prize. Hold my hand?


With a Love of Peace and Paradise,




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