God has granted the woman to be

able to give life and this is a magnificent

aspect of the on-going Glorious



Thus I see motherhood early and late.

I see little girls training to be Motherís

as they cherished dolls and make believe



Then there was not much responsibility

as these were only the young at heart and

times of fun and games. However here

Motherhood developed over-time and on

a firm initial foundation.


Thus now we can see the fruits of the womb.

I seeyour man child in righteousness

as he has answered the call to the Ministry.

Surely a good spirit in Motherhoodand prayer

had a place here.


I now see Motherhood looking and forever

thanking God as she turned to God laying her

children at the altar. I also see God in His mercy

and compassion drawing your son in his youth to Him.


I see your beautiful woman-child also and

as your son firmly rooted and grounded in the

Word. Now we see the blessings of those Godly

grand-parents, Mother and Father.


Glory to God for those many days long ago which

will never be days long gone in the Church although

most did not know which way they were going.

However God has always knew who would come.


We are thus grateful for Godís blessings

on this wonderful dutiful spirit-filled

Mother. My beloved,

Happy Motherís Day henceforth and

forever more.


With Love That Will Never Fall as it is sustained by God,



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