(24 January 2008 by Carl A. Patton)



Blessed are the silent and

vocal angels that extend love

and compassion to the human



Companions were few for the

righteous as they spoke and

acted in love.


They also embraced the wind

and had a torrid love affair

with the mighty trees and all

things that bloomed and

smelled good.


He felt a measure of the nightingale

singing night and day of the precious

angel who rested high full of all her glory.


Never was the damsel in distress

as many looked on to rescue her

every move. Meanwhile there was,


Lifelong inspiration as God sent.

My prayers rendered Light all along the

watchtower of this life in peace.


There also came a measure of serenity as

I escaped to peace. Tranquil moments then

ensued into endless dreams. Just how many,


Treasured moments are left to those,

accustomed to inspired solitude? But, there

stood help for in Christ we can see,


And have eternity. This is good.

Listless pleasures still enveloped as I

saw her standing there relishing in the

wondrous blessings of Almighty God.


Brethren I know that God is good.


Thus grateful is the man torn

from certain hours of loneliness.

He shall be comforted as the inspirations come.


He could clearly see the Sun in the wind.

A pleasant breeze sent his heart to flutter.

He truly touched a friend this day.


Meanwhile the night passed as a

sweet dream that he felt even while

awake. Will he ever be called from this dream?


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