(September 7, 2007 by Carl A. Patton)



Was man created to hate to

return evil throughout the land?

Was man created to kill and abuse

other men?


Then John stood among the many

abnormal, immoral and those that

had come to even say they were

politically correct.


What was right with politics?

I heard Langston Hughes say

the writers and poets demise

can be induced by the participation

in political verse.


But pray tell, what will cause the

alienation of those that see God

in verse? The tormentors carry a

great burden. For justice sometimes

will only come at the Last and Final Day.


But there is so much in the wind.

There are countless poems, also

in fresh spring flowers and the rise

and setting of the sun.


The birds fly in marvelous

patterns and the chipmunks

and squirrels talk among the trees,

but who listens?


Meanwhile I saw love among the great

Creation. If I could see and love

nature could I also see and love



Where did the love go?

Did it go with the embrace

of evil and evildoers?


Can you love self and others

If you hate trees? Precious air

blew through the trees.

This same air I took inside me.


I also embraced the Light at

day and the dark at night.

In these treasured moments I

felt and saw love.


I also knew who sent the wind,

the air we breathe. The Sun

fell on righteous ground.


Sweat came upon my brow.

I looked for a peaceful shade

tree. I loved all I saw and the




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