(5 November 2007, Victory Park, by Carl A. Patton)


The wind blew soft and gentle,

as the trees danced and moved.

I felt a love song, as fresh youth

blossomed in my heart as this

was only a memory.


Not knowing love in spring time

summer are fall would be a tragedy.

Beloved there was also winter love.


I pity those that lack knowledge

of the young at heart.The thoughtful

saw romantic interludes, these

were cherished moments.


However who will call on the

poems of love? Some that

have seen it is tragic yet

when they donít tell about it.


Is there surely a gentlemanís testimony

about things of love? Meanwhile the poets

write. They also think and dream. There

are many thoughts to mediate on?


There were no intimate thoughts

told as the greatest pleasure

resided with the poet who

could tell of bliss and love

in many ways.


The love songs will always sing

for the righteous who understand

the moods of love.


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