(Once Upon A Friend)


September 4, 2006, Along Stewart’s Creek, by Carl A. Patton



Nellie was tall and

fine. She also had

a big behind.


Bay-Brother would call

her jacked. While it

was noted that her,


Physique matched the brick

Out-house, that was

stacked. Meanwhile,


Her legs matched this

upper foundation and

her face and hair were


A fabulous bouquet of

human beauty and

paper-sack charm.


These were the days

of the young and

innocent and our hearts,


Were pure as the

hot summer days

and cool refreshing rain.


No man or woman had

tainted our virgin youth with,

evil nor wicked desires.


Were these good days?

These days I knew

good friends. Many of,


Her siblings hailed me

also in friendship. But was

I often claimed by many?


However time moved on.

So did the evil of

humankind. So did mission,


And purpose in life.

The lust for the pen

came upon me. So


Many friends were lost.

What did a friend cost?

Would they see the frost?


The pen was seen by

some dipped in blood.

These friends denied the flood.



To some it brought to,

Light Truth. This was the

fruit of the pen.


They hollered when the

pen talked about their

kin. They also defended,


So-called friends. Many friends

abandoned Truth and had

no principles are values.


Sadly the Truth pen

who knew no kin

was held in ridicule and,


Denounced far and wide.

Many also cried and sung

sad songs as they had pity.


The crimes were many.

Some fell by the way-side.

Also death died at the pens


Door. The attackers cried

no more. But before the

pen stopped it would also die.



Where did the friends

go? Where did the

Truth go?


Meanwhile the wise will

always seek Truth before

friendship no matter where,


The friends go.


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