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Greetings Brethren, Friend and Foe:

Let it be written to all of the so-called Black and African revolutionaries, Afro-Centric scholars, Activists and so-called leaders in Black America and throughout the Diaspora. Your efforts to challenge Truth and the FreedomJournal are duly recorded. Therefore descendants of the Judas branch continue to contradict the writings of Truth by the truly called by God as His messengers.It is a gross contradiction of the highest order to challenge Free Speech of Black journalists that seek Truth and claim that you represent the interests of Black people. However many of the Conspirators and Apologists in the Black community are Blind. Thus many don't have enough sense to know right from wrong until they are Hit with Truth. A Hit Dog Will Holler so said my Brethren.

We declare that the enemies of Truth are wallowing as Snakes among the multitudes. However some of the Snakes have arguments of substance (although shallow) and can stand the test of debate and the free exchange of different thought etc. Meanwhile, some have no arguments at all because from our review their objections to the FreedomJournal are not legitimate. For example some are criminals and disloyal collaborators and some are racistís hatemongerís. Therefore, out of inner turmoil and the rejection of the Peace of God these Devils act in great frustration. These frustrations are vividly seen in the use of wicked profane language to describe the FreedomJournal and this writer.

Those with a shallow and low mind also have a limited vocabulary. Thus, they seek to satisfy a selfish desire of aggression and violence. Through the use of Devilish language they slash out at those they don't have the sense to understand. Thus the Foolish man and woman seek to destroy all that he or she does not understand. Let the record show that the world is made up of many people. Some have pitiful intellectual skills and thus a minimal capacity to understand even things that are quite simple.

Dearly beloved we are motivated today as we were yesterday and we pray to Almighty Jehovah God for our continued motivation to Truth. We thus thank our Enemies because the Word tells us that those that stand in the way of Truth will render a blessing to those that Stand. We stand today because man has not done anything for us. God is who we serve. And we will die with that service in our hearts and minds.

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal November 9, 2001 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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