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Brethren we bear witness as we make this sojourn that many things are yet to be revealed. It is for certain that those that attend any kind of school are required to do a certain amount of work, assignments, papers etc. in order to graduate and receive a degree, diploma or certificate of achievement. Thus without the library amanner of hard work your time spent in the classroom would be in vain because one does not pass or matriculate by just showing up.


There was once a man and a woman who wanted to learn to play a piano and harp. Neither the man nor the woman attended any classes to learn to play these instruments they only wished to play as they dreamed during day light hours. He sat on a soap box while she lounged at the beauty shop.


There were also young and old that went to the Church House every Sunday that the doors swung open. They paid their dues and were told they were commanded but no one showed them where anyone during New Testament times were commanded to pay these dues. Nor did they see anywhere in the Bible where the Apostle Paul, Silas, Peter, John, or any of the Disciples paid dues commanded by God. However these men loved Christ and refused to deny Him, thus they gave freely as Jesus instructed them from the heart. Meanwhile the faithful dues paying Gentiles not knowing what laws were for Jews and what laws were for them languished in the pews.


A poll taken by a Wino noted that all of them wanted to go to heaven. However just showing up was not enough. As very few had any Word in them. Thus they looked away when there was Bible Study and Sunday School was a drag as they also played Hooky from the big school. But I saw and heard John say that without any Word it was impossible to get to the other side. But many thought they had a FREE ride and that they would automatically go over.





(12-13- 08 Stewartís Creek)


On this day I had seen

63 years of life on this

earth that God rendered

was not my home.


Thus I come thanking

Almighty God and Christ

for the Holy Spirit that

leads me in paths of



I realize that this is a

dark way, but the

Spirit allows me to



Forever am I grateful

as I could not have

seen what I have heard,

felt, smelled and I am,


Forever a witness that

Jesus is Lord of Lordís.

These days do pass as

the year seeks to close.


Just what will the next

year bring? Life stood

in a balance as man in

the flesh thought of,


Chaos but God brought

not anything out of order.

Just who will forever see

the rain?


There was no sense in the

miraculous as the unbelievers

could not see. I pray that

I will forever walk in the Spirit.


There is found reflections

on the past, revelations on

the future and the love and

gratitude, the veneration of the






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