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16 October 2009






Editors Note: Beloved we come this way by Faith. We also come proclaiming all of our faults upon the altar of the Lord. We desire to cry loudest for the Lord in prayer for all that liveth. However many still come in a reckless ungodly campaign to stop the way of the Wind and the fall of the Rain. They also sit and talk of the rising Sun and the light of the Moon. Realizing they have no control over the elements they seek control over man. However the upright man looked to the Creator for protection and His mercy and understanding of all things is more than age-lasting. God cannot be strangled and held in check nor can God’s people.



Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. To all that liveth and thrive on the air to breathe. There is a great debate that will last until the Last and Final Days. This discussion and dispute is wide-spread among the learnt and those that are often clueless as to the way of the Wind. We also find great debates in vast halls of academia and even in the Church that now thrives on man for man interpretations of scripture.


Meanwhile we look to ProVerse to solve, analyze and disclose as we implore the masses and the intellectual community to see reality. There is a “Methodology For Obtaining Truth.” The formula noted by the FreedomJournal T=ss² is a living reality as the “Theory of Nonconformity” will one day usher in a new Day. Did Dr. E. the Great thinker Einstein know God? So as we explored “Einstein: God Religion and Science “we were exposed to many lessons that surely beg no favor from those that see not the “Theory of Nonconformity.” Did Einstein also see the Theory noted by the FreedomJournal?


Brethren we bear witness that this Truth can be harnessed to some degree and firmly grasped by the dedicated faithful Spiritual Scientist. I saw this man and so did John record that Truth is exact. Then can Social Science be as exact and true as physical science? Is there one interpretation of scripture but various feelings as to what the Spirit renders? Are better said; scripture shatters the hearts and minds of the on-looker being not exclusive in this sense to one particular person.


Is Truth always exact? Can it be measured? Does it depend on the kind of Truth you seek? Is God the center of Truth for some? Then do some people see Truth in things that are idols? For example if money is thought to solve all your problems, is money your Truth? Is God then the center of Truth as seen in the Creation? Is money and the Spiritual Scientist all created by God?


NoBody Is My Name


The lost last man had many titles and

his name was known throughout the land. He

talked big, wrote eloquent pieces discussing

life as he wandered and always felt he knew

his way.


No one wanted to accept that many great debates

could come to a close as the methods for Truth

had begun to unfold. Meanwhile many of our

great thinkers including the wild hair man Dr.

E. (and spooky action) saw the other side of Truth.


He was a closet Spiritual Scientist and in fact

he talks about this Saint sometimes. Was he at

the threshold of Truth for all life and not the life

he saw through the speed of light. What of the

Light of the Heavens and Christ?


Does the Genesis Book hold many answers to

T=ss²? Thus does the Creation tell us how to see

Truth? Light, Sound all come from God so did

Mass and any elements that exist. So back to the

source and the center of Truth.


Peace and Paradise,

Dr. Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press 21 October 2009 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


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