6 October 2009


I Saw Jesus: What Did He Want?



In the name of God Master, of the Universe, Ruler of the earth


Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. To the Church (the Church of Christ Jesus the Prophets and Apostles) and believing Christians everywhere. To those that believe in the Bible (the Spirit of God) as the supreme authority that governs all of humankind. In this we give thanks to God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit that leads and guides us the straightway.


As I sat and pondered in the Spirit these words finally came to me. I saw Jesus: What did He want? Did Jesus want a new pair of sandals or shoes for his tired and worn feet? Did He want a new robe or suit of clothes? Did my Jesus want me to take Him out to lunch at the finest restaurant?


Well leaning on the world did Jesus want to borrow or want me to give him a sack of money ($100 bills )or all the money I had in my possession and in the bank. Somebody said His Father owned everything but still what would He want?


Jesus Wants Something: I Guarantee You It Is Not Money


Technological advancements the invention of

new things progress of humankind has created

many creature comforts. And most of the things

are gained by paying money to whoever owns

or sells the particular product.


Big money can buy drugs, much alcohol

and a great night out on the town full of

frolic, wine, women and song. Rich men

also seem to have very beautiful wives and

companions. Can money buy love?


Therefore many believe that money can buy

almost anything. This same attitude is also

passed over to the church where most people

believe that the church is founded and breed

on money.


But let us go back to Jesus. If you met Him

today what would He want? I believe that the

greatest joy for Jesus would be someone that came

to Christ. Thus no matter how much money they

had embracing Christ was/is most important.


I also believe that Christ would say in lieu of money

one needs a sincere heart. I also believe that Christ

would say no one can take any money with them.

But what is in the heart paves the way to Peace

and Paradise or some other place.



Peace and Paradise,

Dr. Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press December 3 2009 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


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