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13 September 2009

God Has Sent Barack Obama



In the name of God, Master of the Universe Ruler of the earth

Editors Note: There are many days and few nights ahead of us. There will be peace in the valley as only the righteous can see, embrace and taste love. These same people love all of humankind. The good will sift out the bad while mercy and longsuffering is granted to all that liveth.


Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. To the Church and believing Christians everywhere. To those that believe in the Bible as the supreme authority that governs all of humankind. In this we give thanks to God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit that leads and guides us the straightway.


Dearly beloved brethren as we exist daily in this world we also lean and depend on the Spirit. Many things have happened in a very short time as we liveth. Life is short as we know it and as we look to the future and the hills. Meanwhile as God maintains His control over man and the land He created He also will render certain miracles among the living and the dead.


Was the election of Barack Obama as the President of the United States of America a miracle or just shrewd political knowhow? What is the great significance of Barack Obama being elected as the head of the most powerful country in the world? Is it possible for man to destroy the world?


The Remnant Among All That Liveth


Has diversity become a weight around the

neck and ankles of the poor and the forgotten?

Can those that have slept in poverty and tasted

and sopped greaseless gravy seen the ways of

love for all, poor and rich, rich and poor?


Meanwhile is education freedom? Thus can

those with certain letters open the doors for

those that have had to “steal away” and look

at back doors that are still locked? Did some

go to school only to stay in school?


Can we find all good men in a church house?

Will God send some to preach and some to teach?

Did a just God send some leaders and some

He came to chastise as some only came to warrant

punishment as there was no penalty for peace.


Did a political race give way to a race of many colors?

Meanwhile did ethnic origins groom the caretaker

and commander in chief for a unbiased look at the

world and the world’s many people? John asked

me about the voiceless cry of those in the jungle?


Will those that know not God and the way of the

universe have a chance to change and dismantle

the earth? Will there be any way for mere humans

to destroy what God has created? Will many try or

have they tried and failed?


John said that all should come to pray and lift up leaders

that are sent to maintain world peace? Will the domestic

blues outshine the blues and sorrow of those that fall

down at the four corners of the earth? Will God use who

He has blessed and laid hands upon?


Will the revelations on the remnant continue to unfold?

There will be peace among God’s people as He created all

that liveth but do we all come in love? How many days are

left? Who can count the sand that fades away at every beach?

Will we see peace or pain from the ignorance of temporary pleasures?


Peace and Golden Paradise, Carl A. Patton a willing slave and servant of Almighty God and Christ Jesus writing for the FreedomJournal Press a God Fearing Free Press 25 September 2009 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.




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