(7 March 2010)






Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. Many people see only a glimpse at health care as the clinics run over. A vast number also on fixed incomes, the rich the middle-class and the lumpen proletariat have a great struggle with confidence and trust among many people that crowd the health and human services arenas. But, there are no vacations among the poor of this deprived group as this is only something that you see on TV. Meanwhile there is only the daily struggle for adequate food, pinching to pay basic utilities of lights and water, rent or mortgage, that the rich and infamous claim to know nothing about. However the greatest struggle and challenge among the poor who are rich is the right to live.


To Po To Die


I saw many men and women this day as the

day’s were allegedly postponed for the young that

had no wherewithal to pay for a burial plot or

grave stone in advance.


There would also be little insurance left to share

among their children as most could only afford

less than $20,000 for life. But many strained to

meet the monthly obligations for less than $10,000.


Thus one day I heard a Spirit filled woman cry out

that the poor are in most cases too poor to live

and to po to die. What does this mean? Do the

dead also need to eat and sleep?


Some lived to die and live. While others lived

to die over and over again. But will the poor

be poor in death? What will tomorrow bring?

I saw the Lord high and lifted up.


This rendering from the Bible was good news.

Thus death could be defeated by the righteous.

There was no need for anything elaborate as who

would we see to impress?


All my work was done and I now would be placed at

the holding place for the calling of the “Last and

Final Day.” So do the saints actually die rich?

There was Peace and Paradise and there was,


Distress all the night and all the day long. There

would be not even a sop from vinegar and water

as the rich died poor and the poor raised up from

the ashes of poverty to golden streets and Light,


All day and night long. Thus no one that seeks

righteousness will be poor always as po fell down

in the sins of the rich who looked the other way

as the so-called poor suffered and died not of thirst.



Peace and Paradise,

Dr. Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press 7 March 2010 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

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