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This is the first article and Introduction to   our new series on “Where Is The Remnant?” We are grateful to those that have found peace and comfort in these words taken from God. We also pray that those among the true Church will answer the call of responsibility. Responsibility to Truth is Godly. If we keep God first and stay in prayer we can see these things. We will also be able to see Jesus without a picture.

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton, FreedomJournal June 18, 2003 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.








Brethren we are grateful to God our Father and the Father of humankind. We also duly give thanks to God for our Savior Lord Jesus Christ and for the Holy Spirit that is our comforter in times of joy and trouble.


“There was once a man called to God in a Baptist Church. As he grew in the Spirit of Truth he saw great contradictions in the Inspired Doctrine noted in the Holy Book.  He was silenced (Censored and Banned just like  FreedomJournal Press). Meanwhile some even chased him out of the Church. He also left on his own accord as many aspects of the world were practiced and he couldn’t find a Godly man or woman.


He did, still search. But to no avail. He finally stayed home and studied his Book and prayed for there he found comfort. After seeing the Light of the Church of Christ as established and ordained by God and the Savior Lord Jesus Christ he found contentment, Peace and Joy. But he looked back. When he looked back he saw some that were sincerely striving to be Christians although blind. He also saw those now that stay (ed) with the Book and were sound in Doctrine.  Does the Remnant fall among both?”


The Sojourn for Truth is often sad and lonely. However many things need to be seen before the record can be written. To search for Truth in all the wrong places offers a needed analysis of the wrong places.  We will begin our series by revealing a detailed definition of Remnant. We note that there is a clear distinction between Remnant as noted in the Old Testament and our New Testament concept of this word.  However in order to clearly understand this Word and how it is applied in the present time we must deal with its historical development. Remnant as a central issue in this series relates to Judgment and Salvation.


The only Church home among the truly righteous is found among the established Church of Jesus Christ. We pray that those that wander like the man noted above will come home. There can be no salvation among those that claim an untruthful report of the inspired Word of God. We have seen some that are sincere however they are responsible for their own behavior. You cannot see the Light if you attend Church for the wrong reasons. The Bible is the road map to eternity. Just like any other map if you don’t follow it you will become lost.


Many are lost but some want to be found. Will the righteous and unrighteous realize the role of the Remnant? Who is this Remnant?



Peace and Love, Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal May 30, 2003 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.







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