(August 30, 2007 by Carl A. Patton)


It was 2007 and throughout the land

countless people are rich in houses,

land and money.


This prosperity transcends all cultures.

From every corner of the world kings,

queens the rich and wealthy were everywhere.


So also were the poor and those all

in between. The standards and materialism

of a modern world facilitated a great lust

for things believed valuable.


The banks and lending institutions frowned

on the poor man. Loan sharks lurked behind

cracked doors. Meanwhile the poor man’s

business was no one’s business. The loans

sponsored by the great uncle fell and red-lines

were drawn among the people from “The

Land of the Blacks.”


Houses, land and property for some was

crowned in double standards as they had

less and paid more.


But many came from places beyond the

great seas. Although the cotton-pickers

arrived first they ate last at the table,

usually under the table.


But as in the days of old and new the

table was still set with chitterlings, hog

guts, pig ears, pig feet and pig tails.

Now no one throws the waste in a

garbage can.


Crumbs from corn bread mashed in turnip

greens saw pot-likker that nourished the body.

And all things then were organic.


As the crumbs were thrown the dog ate

the bone. As in contemporary times

tokenism and straw bosses remain the same.

Thomas has always been among us.


But before we leave.

Just who are those that

relish and waste in prosperity?

What is wrong with money?


Meanwhile the wicked laughed,

consumed in greed. They took what they

wanted and coerced many to

ride with them.


A man’s word stood for nothing as

his pride rode with the dollar.

Judas knew his name as many

stole and lied so much,


That a black conscious brought

them self-inflicted death.

The greedy still feed off the poor.

As their bellies were full but as

one Prophet said they were still




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