(3-23-09, Stewart’s Creek, Carl A. Patton)


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Carl A. Patton, FreedomJournal Press



My rock writing place was taken by the

people that came to fish. During these times

humans had a low priority as they seemed to

defeat the sense of solitude and the greatest

time to write and think. Did any real great

revelations ever come to anyone in a crowd?



Still close to the Creek although uncomfortable

upon an uneven fallen tree I saw one, two, three

red birds fly, jumping one short tree limb to the

next. This was still only the second day of spring

and the trees still held leafless limbs of winter and



Needing a writing place conducive to some comfort

and serenity I moved on. But intent to remember the

grand appearance of the three red birds. How blessed

is the great Creation and all the things to be seen. Meanwhile

for the lost the birds that just flew were not as insignificant

as many thought. But the mere humans spoke not to them.


Meanwhile if all things, mass, gas, vapors, ashes and dirt

stay here as E=mc˛ believes….. Where does the Spirit go?

Can it also be counted up as Energy?



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