Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. The Rapture is a question often clouded by those that have looked elsewhere for answers. Thus many come claiming other resources as makers of Biblical fact. Meanwhile the ungodly writers of Biblical fiction commit blasphemy at will.


Peace and Love, Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal 17 November 2005 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.






A study of the Biblical implications of “The Rapture” is one of the many questions found in scripture that cannot be answered with simple and short answers. Therefore our first concern is to define and note where in the Bible we find the word Rapture. So what is Paul saying?


Also what is the so-called secret Rapture proposed by J. N. Darby. There is also a need to determine what the Bible says about Armageddon, Tribulation and Apostasy. These are some of the most important points to explore as we seek to determine if all of these components are a part of the 2nd coming of Christ.


Meanwhile Bible scholars as they explore the Truth of The Rapture other important Biblical Truths are also seen. This is the great joy of reading and studying scripture. When other questions are raised and answered this is one of the greatest instances of growth in the Word. 


For example what does the Roman Empire/Catholic Church play in our quest to find what the scriptures reveal about The Rapture? What of the prophecy of Daniel and the impact of the Book of Revelation?








Part 2: The Catching Up


Part 3: What Is The Secret Rapture?


Part 4: Is There A Secret Rapture In Scripture?


Part 5: What Are The Origins of the Secret Rapture?



Part 6: The Impact of The Catholic Church & The Secret Rapture


Part 7: The Catholic Church: World’s Greatest Censor


Part 8: The Rapturists & Distortions of Scripture


Part 9: Scripture That Disprove The Secret Rapture


Part 10: The Secret Rapture: Greek Words: The Time Gap


Questions & Answers: Rapture, Church at Philadelphia








Part 1: A Note On The Church At Philadelphia


Part 2: The City of Brotherly Love


Part 3: I Know Thy Works (Revelation 3: 8)


Part 4: Revelation 3:8 Related Scripture


Part 5: Revelation 3: 9: Synagogue of Satan


Part 6: The Rewards of Patience (Revelation 3: 10)


Part 7: Related Scripture Revelation 3: 10



Part 8: Revelation 3: 11: Behold Christ Cometh


Part 9: Revelation 3: 12 Faith to the Death


Part 10: Revelation 3: 13: Who Will Listen?


Part 11: Revelation 3: 13: The Secrets of Then & Now


Part 12: Revelation 3: 13: Some Knowledge Is Sealed Until Later


Part 13: Revelation 3: 13: Revelation of God Actions of History


Part 14: Revelation 3: 13: Revelation New Testament


Part 15: Revelation 3: 13: Why The Book Was Written


Part 16: Revelation 3: 13: Diversity In Christianity








Part 1: Parables A Reflection on the Seven Churches


Part 2: Further Explanation of Parables


Part 3: Parables The New Testament a Closer Look


Part 4: Jesus Christ Parables of Matthew 13


Part 5: Matthew 13: 11: Who Will Know The Mysteries of the Kingdom?



Part 6: Matthew 13: 12: Will the Spirit Reign In Those Who Reject It?


Part 7: Matthew 13:13: The Parables Then & Now


Part 8: Matthew 13: 14: The Prophecy of Isaiah


Part 9: Matthew 13: 15: The Fear of Christ


Part 10: Matthew 13: 16: The Righteous Will See


Part 11: Matthew 13: 17: What Will The Parables Reveal?






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