"The Black Elite that lead the parade of Mis-Education during February does not represent the legitimate interest of the Black community."

It is for sure that most Black intellectuals have sold their souls for tenure and acceptance by the White educational establishment. Thus, the dominant liberating philosophy for those irresponsible students of Black History Celebrations is the antiquated integrationist philosophy. This philosophy was created by the mis-informed intellectual community that was enlisted by Thurgood Marshall to help with the court fight to achieve fair and equal education for Black people.

However the campaign for fair and equal education transcended to integration when there was seemingly no way to achieve fair and equal education in all Black schools. Meanwhile, in order to get the Supreme Court to allow Blacks and Whites in the same schools one of the major decisions in Black America and the world was reached. Thus, came Kenneth Clark and his Think Tank enlisted by Marshall. These obviously confused so-called Black scholars scientifically? determined that Black people are inherently inferior. This ludicrous conclusion was allegedly reached because White schools were proven to be better. Thus Black students when they passed, by these schools on the way to inferior Black schools felt inferior. Also, there was a so-called study of Black and White Dolls. We want go into this discussion because most sensible researchers have proven that this so- called study was invalid.

Meanwhile the so-called Black inferior posture came to permeate all aspects of the Black experience and thus confusion. For the record we at the FreedomJournal and many other Blacks in America and throughout the Diaspora do not feel inferior to White people because the American legacy of slavery and discrimination has rendered inferior facilities, schools etc. to the Black community. Black inferiority does not come from material things. It comes from a psychological condition that has known fertile ground in those that have not properly used what the Creator has rendered to all people, an independent mind. Also it is for sure that many aspirations of Black inferiority are taught to Black people just like many examples of racism are taught to White people.

Therefore with the Black Inferiority Paradigm set in place Black History Week/Month has been a show place for the Civil Rights organizations and a vast assortment of  mis-informed Blacks. Thus the integrationist philosophy and Black Inferiority is propagated by many people in the Black community however most unknowingly commit these acts sad also claim to represent Black people as leaders.


Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal February 2, 2001 in the year of our Lord. (Updated 10 June 2009)


There is still a need to adequately address the various problems in our educational system. However many people find fault in the messenger and act as if the Black Experience has been of no consequence. Thus we find the reasons for “Fallen Letters: Mis-Education & Intellectual Confusion” (Essays on the Black Experience). www.freedomjournalprss.com




In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

"Black independent schools are necessary for the survival of Black culture."

The phrase "the mind is a terrible thing to waste," is an ever present reality in the Black community. However Black intellect does not go to waste because of lack of funding for the United Negro College Fund.

Black minds go to waste because of the dependent posture of Black schools. Therefore there should be a drive to maintain and support Black schools from independent sources in the Black community. It is for sure that all Black schools (colleges and universities) that are dependant are for the most part places of mis-education and class-conscious achievement. Thus many Black college presidents by design and or world view foster mis-conceptions and manipulative curriculums of Black bourgeois thinking. There are also the various administrators and so- called professors who masquerade as Black scholars.

For example our experiences as a student at various Black colleges and universities have been sordid experiences of attempted brain-washing and mis-education. Meanwhile these pitiful examples of Black achievement   challenge the right to free expression and academic freedoms to those that critique the Black educational experience. However, they claim to have Black Studies Programs.  Many schools also have various other departments that maintain a concentration on the study of the Black experience. Most are sad examples of so-called Black intellectuals that sell racism and the plight of Black America to those who have historically benefited from the dis-enfranchisement of Black people.  Even more tragic is that some of these places of academia sell degrees and screen all potential graduates for selective sycophant roles as arm-chair revolutionaries and intellectual sell-outs. Meanwhile these institutions and their counter-parts throughout the Black College landscape are on a mis-guided mission to stall and hamper anyone in the Social Sciences that does not fit a selfish profile and trade principles and values for a degree and a job.

Thus as we (FreedomJournal) continue to view the landscape of Black America, we see dismal and wretched examples of Black youth. Yes a youth that have been brain-washed to opt for material gain instead of principles, morals and values. Thus, the Black community continues to meet confusion with more confusion. With Confused teachers training and preparing confused students we are headed for a disaster. No wonder there is so much chaos in the Black leadership ranks and a Black church sold-out to Satan.

As Social Scientists we have studied with many Black men and Black women over the years. However we do not know any former colleagues that have not sold their soul for tenure, a payday and a holiday. But if there are any independent intellectuals out there somewhere Please stand up and speak out about the wretched conditions of Black History, Black Studies and Black Schools.

Meanwhile we bear witness as Almighty God is our Judge that the willful manipulation of the Black mind is not pleasing to God the Creator. Physical destruction of humankind is cruel but to destroy a human mentally is a Devilish Act of the Highest Order. Meanwhile, we stand in the gap: The FreedomJournal is unbought, unsold, used, rented, leased and we refuse any Lay-Away Plan. We bear witness that we are neither afraid nor ashamed of the Gospel. Therefore we render that Christ Jesus is the answer to any and all problems humankind faces on this earth that Almighty God Created.

We further bear witness that those that accept Christ become educated.


Carl Patton, writing for the FreedomJournal February 5, 2001 in the year of our Lord. (Updated 10 June 2009)



Greetings Brethren,

Peace be unto you. As Almighty God is our witness and judge we reveal that there is a need to follow the Law in order to obtain Peace and Paradise and the Salvation of the Saints. Therefore we bear witness that the Church is a heart Hospital and not a Bank. Nor is the Church a financial institution where motivational speeches are given on how to become rich, wealthy are get out of financial debt. God it is for sure wants your heart not your Pocketbook.




"A Preacher Called by God will Preach for NO PAY."

Can your Preacher or any Preacher for that matter note any scripture that reveals that the Apostle Paul paid tithes of money, grain, livestock and corn? God commanded a tithe of grain, livestock etc. for the various sins of the people during the time of the Old Testament for the Jews. However God Never, Never, commanded a tithe of money.

Well FreedomJournal if the Bible only notes a tithe of grain, and livestock under the Old Law that we no longer live under........Why? Yes, Why do all Preachers (99%) claim that God commanded a tithe of money? Well to answer your question we ask, do Preachers believe in the Bible? The Bible reveals that you are blessed by your belief and faith in God. You are not blessed by how much you give God (Preacher or church) in money. If God needs money when does God come and pick it up?

Therefore, the FreedomJournal asks all Preachers to give up their salaries and step out on Faith. Yes if you believe in God, you should Know that God will take care of all His Preachers. PREACHERS PLEASE STEP OUT ON FAITH. GIVE THE MONEY TO THE POOR AND TO MINISTRIES THAT WILL BRING THE LOST TO GOD.


Carl Patton, writing for the FreedomJournal February 15, 2001 in the year of our Lord.


From the FreedomJournal Archives www.freedomjournalpress.com




"Marxism is basically a European World View that claims to give power and representation to the masses."

While Marx sought to make a scientific analysis of the world his theories were flawed because he failed to include most of the people that inhabited the earth during the time in which he lived. Meanwhile economic exploitation, oppression (economic/racism), political socialization, manipulation and confusion have caused some Black Americans to espouse Marxian principles. It is also noted that there are Africans on the Continent and throughout the Diaspora that have also embraced this foreign and oppressive philosophy. However the fertile ground for Socialism is vividly witnessed in Third World countries that have a legacy of Colonialism and Neo- Colonialism.

When the Communist Party first invaded the Black community they came to exploit racism. For example the Communist Party pledged to defend nine (9) young Black men charged with rape in 1931. These young Black men became known throughout the world as the Scottsboro Boys. However true to form the Communists sought to promote Communism and justice for these young men was not a priority. Also, they set the precedent of publicizing/advertising Communism via racism abroad. Meanwhile the record shows that this early invasion of the Black community was opportunistic and not sincere. Thus most objective Black analysts note that the Communists were just as racists as the White southerners who wished to lynch the Scottsboro Boys. As an aside we note that the Socialists and Communists even in 2001 manipulate and exploit every Black cause that has a cadre of people open to their views. Also we note that most if not all of the Socialists and/or Communist organizations in America have very little independent leadership from the top to the bottom.

Therefore it is not a hidden Truth that Communism or Redism, Socialism; Leninism has not been a catalyst for Black Liberation. Meanwhile, I hear the drums of Marx beating from the 60's and 70's. Here we saw segments of the Black Student Movement at various college campuses embracing Marx. The radical and militant Black students began to boast of their knowledge of Socialists principles. I remember a now deceased Brother talking about Mao. I noted to the Brother we are in the southern part of the United States and we don't have any of the animals that Mao has noted in his Red Book. Also, the economic and political structure of China and Europe has very few parallels with Black America.

Meanwhile puffed up Black (for the record there was a White revolutionary or a White Hebrew revolutionary close by) revolutionaries were filled with pride as they recited renditions of Marxian Capital that No one else seemed to understand. In fact they had great difficulty explaining actually what Marx meant themselves. However it seemed impressive to many and Marx became in vogue and the flavor of the day.

It is for sure that much water, time and knowledge has flowed through the Black community since that time. We (FreedomJournal) respect the academic freedoms of our Brothers and Sisters. Thus, one should have the freedom to embrace the philosophy of their choice. However, Unity is the most essential element in the Black quest for Freedom, Justice and Equality.

We don't say that all Black people have to embrace Christianity because we are Christians. We open the Black arms of Brotherhood to Nationhood and embrace all religions that believe in one God. We also note the essence of aspects of Scientific Socialism toward lifting up Blacks in Africa and throughout the Diaspora. But we also note that God is the Center of Truth. We also note that the denial of God as the Creator limits your view of the world. It also limits the search for Truth and Knowledge.


Carl Patton, writing for the FreedomJournal February 22, 2001 in the year of our Lord



From the FreedomJournal Archives www.psychezpublishing.com




"Money and the lust for material possessions sponsor a destructive onslaught on the Black Experience, i.e., culture."

As the destruction of Black culture continues, many people in the Black community attempt to sell racism, and discrimination on every corner. Thus, $$$Money becomes the most important element in their individual and group efforts as Leaders.

So just how much does the world and the Black community driven by an insatiable desire for money impact on culture? Yes is culture more impacted by economic greed than economic need? Thus, is there an illegitimate culture for Black people being created by the ungodly thirst for money?

The creative arts for Black people thrive not on principles, value and morals but on a marketplace of vice, confusion, decadence and the rebuke of God. Who controls the marketplace? Do these same people then dictate Black culture? Are Black Cultural Nationalists then a product of an exploitative marketplace that seeks to capitalize on anything Black people create? Are Black creative Art Forms then given a new life by the Brokers and Financiers of the marketplace? JUST HOW MUCH MONEY IS GENERATED BY THOSE THAT SELL BLACK HISTORY MONTH EACH YEAR? Also who makes most, if not all of this money?

Thus, gone are the traditional songs of our ancestors to what some call a new generation of Hip Hop and Rap. For the record Rap and Hip Hop has a place within the Black community. However if record companies have somehow inspired our youth to write lyrics of dis-respect toward Black women then this is another question. We bear witness that it is not the norm for Black men to disrespect Black women. New art forms are not new but based on a transition from or past. However this factor is challenged by the emphasis on money and "getting paid." Thus culture lies in the wake of greed and destruction because principles and values don't sell in the marketplace.

However the greatest sell (Sell-Out) of Black culture is the rebuke of God and the church. Here Black Preachers who are supposed to be the cornerstone of Black Leadership deny the Word of God and attempt to sell God and religion.

Thus the bonfires of Culture (Nationalism), Capitalism, Socialism rages, with each maintaining their own actors. Meanwhile "The Isms" are often on a course of manipulation and control. We also reveal that those that get caught in the traps of no values, no morals, and no principles also have no regard for God, Culture and the Unity of Black people.


Carl Patton, writing for the FreedomJournal February 24, 2001 in the year of our Lord.  (Updated 10 June 2009)






"Black man, Black woman, young and old as you strive to do for self take God with you."

It is for sure that Black people need to stop depending on other people for Freedom, Justice, and Equality. Thus, there is little hope in the Marxists, Democrats, Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives.

However there is Big Hope that comes through Faith and Belief in God. It is the will of God for all people on the planet earth to be self-sufficient. Thus distinct cultures, languages, customs should not pose a contradiction to the all common denominator "God is Supreme."



Carl Patton, writing for the FreedomJournal February 27, 2001 in the year of our Lord. (Updated 10 June 2009)







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