Many are Lost and want to stay Lost. Thus Dumbness is their Game and Fame is their Name. However the Straight Way is Peace and Paradise and everlasting Joy. Also, it is Good Sense.


              In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.


The FreedomJournal/Psyche Z Publishing is committed to reveal the Truth of the Word of God to the multitudes. Thus we have sought to dis-spell many false teachings and false doctrines in the Christian Church. However in our efforts to bring Truth to our Brethren we have had many disagreements and attacks. We are not surprised by the opposition to our writings on the Church. It is only logical to conclude that since 99% of all Preachers, and Church Leaders Preach and Teach falsehoods these people would oppose the writings of the FreedomJournal that refutes the lies they tell.


Sadly the multitudes that attend these Churches which are virtual places of sin and ill-repute also oppose the Truth regarding the Word of God. Many are ignorant like the Church Leaders but also some just refuse to honor God and the Bible as God's Word. They are comfortable with the false teaching of their Preachers and the distortions of the Clowns and Buffoons that appear daily on TV who claim to be Preachers with motivational speeches centered on prosperity. For the record prosperity in God is not money but obedience to the Word.


We will refer you to the previous extensive series of Epistles on Tithing. These topics will allow you to better understand the information in this series of Epistles on questions that we have been asked about Tithing.


Often we are criticized about the length of our articles. This is not a valid criticism unless the person or persons are not interested in the whole Truth.


The questions surrounding Tithes and Offerings have been confused, and distorted. Thus, many falsehoods have resulted. The evident false assumptions about this question have a long history and are a Leading Falsehood in the Christian church. But it is supported by Preachers, and Church leaders. Sadly most Congregations support this false doctrine also. Therefore, one has to be detailed in the refutation of this false teaching.


To do this is a simple process. The Bible is not complicated. However one makes it complicated when he insists on man-made doctrine as God inspired are in addition or at the exclusion of the scriptures. We will continue with the questions posed by one of the readers of the FreedomJournal.     Our response to the various questions will hopefully lend greater clarity to this discussion.




Part 1: Old Law & The New Law: Abraham's Tithe Offering


Part 2: Abraham Paid Tithes Under The Old Law


Part 3: What Was Money In Abraham's Day?


Part 4: I Tithe Because I Love God


Part 5: Tithing & Prosperity Teaching


Part 6: Jesus, Melchizedek & The Levitical Law


Part 7: Did Jesus Reject Tithing?


Part 8: Does The Book of Hebrews Record That Jesus Received Tithes As High Priest?


Part 9: Prosperity of God's People Pleases God


Part 10: How Is Wealth Defined In The Bible?


Part 11: The Bondage And Curse of Tithing


Part 12: The Curse of Tithing


Part 13: Christ Has Redeemed Us From The Curse


Part 14: We Are Not Under Any Commandment By God To Tithe


Part 15: Satan Blinds The Lost But God Gives Light


Part 16: Tithing Is Not Based On Scripture





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