QUESTIONS TO THE PREACHER/TEACHER (And for believing Christians everywhere)


In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth



Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you.We come in love for in love we can see Jesus and reap Paradise. However we beg you to read carefully and thus we pray for you to receive a blessing and we also pray for our continued mission to testify of Godís Truth. There is a remnant among all the believers thus there is fellowship among the Saints.


We also remind you that there is no way you can be with God when you say that ďOld Time ReligionĒ is out of date. Brethren there is a Divine Order regarding the vintage and longevity of the Old and New Testaments/The Laws of God. Man has no right, power, or authority to change the Law. Meanwhile those that truly serve God do not seek to tamper with are attempt to change what God has rendered. Look to the Word for answers to natural disasters that occur throughout the world and not the weather man. Let it be written that many of the places of such great upheavals are in the vanguard of the wicked conspiracy with Satan by so many that believe Left is a way of life. Yes this life but the righteous live for life everlasting.


Preachers stop, look and listen. Stop preaching and teaching so much about Tithing, money and material prosperity and tell the people what the Bible says about what is happening in the world. As we speak and write preachers continue to have money on their last breath. I wonder what will be on the tongue of the money preachers at the last and Final Day?


Peace and Love, Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal 25 April, 23 June 2008 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


My beloved Brethren please allow us to render several questions and comments for your thought and mediation and for your salvation. As you know some of the false teaching in the Church today does not impact on your salvation. But what does impact of our salvation?Surely the denial of Christ and the resurrection is a serious infraction. A belief that God still demands a Tithe of 10% of your income is a denial of Christ. Would you please ask your Pastor/Teacher to teach you what the New Testament reveals and teaches Christians about Giving? Also donít just rely on your Pastor read it for yourself. The Tithe passed with the ending of the Old Law also it was for the Jews. Are you a Jew still waiting on the Messiah? See the Apostle Paul for instructions on giving during New Testament times for those that believe in Christ and the resurrection.


Do you believe in Jesus? I would wager that all that profess to speak for God and Christ responded in the positive.


Is Christ Jesus the centerpiece of Christianity encompassing the Old Law and the New Law?


Here if you answered in the positive we can determine that you have some understanding of the Old Law and the New Law. Also we can assume that you understand the role Jesus has played in the transition from the Old to the New. Thus can we assume that you understand that Jesus came to remedy a situation that was inadequate to atone for the sins of the Jews? He thus came to die for the sins of Jews and Gentiles.


Do you agree with the previous statements? Have you been able to find this Truth just mentioned in the Bible?


So if we know of the prominent place of Jesus throughout the time of the Old (Tithes and Offerings) and New (free-will giving from the heart) how is Jesus noted in giving? For example what role does Jesus play?


If Jesus came to remedy the system of giving (Tithes and Offerings) sacrificial offerings for sin how can we still offer Tithes today?


Believing Christians pay heed to the following questions:Ask your Preacher/Teacher to note the parallels and similarities if any between Jesus and the prophet Malachi? This question is designed to get you to clearly understand the role of Malachi in the Tithing Law of the Old Law. Also it should reveal the distinct differences in the Jews and Gentiles and the role of Jesus in the Old and New Law. Who did Malachi speak to directly, the priesthood are the people?Why do Preachers only note Malachi 8: 9-10 instead of all four Chapters of Malachi? Was the priesthood that Malachi spoke toguilty of poor stewardship of the grains, crops and livestock given to them just as many Preachers today are poor stewards with the church finances?So what happened to this system (Tithing Law) when Jesus got up from the grave and went back to the Father? Did the opportunity to have Godís blessings impact all of humankind and not just the Jews? If this happened was there a new system of giving set in place based on the heart and not on works? Ask your Preacher/Teacher to teach/preach on New Testament giving noted by Paul in the Pauline Gospels? What are the obvious similarities of Prosperity teaching and a sin-sick world that lusts for money and material things? Just what should be the greatest priority for Christianís, money or the Truth of God and Spiritual Healing?


If money is so important as the Prosperity Preachers teach and preach will it get you to heaven? For example is giving a million dollars to a Prosperity Preacher more acceptable to God than a heart that testifies about the Good News of Jesus Christ to the sick and those that reach out for the Word? How can giving money be acceptable to God and a blessing?


There is no longer a priesthood among the Christians. Jesus is the High Priest. Thus the grain crops and livestock previously allotted to the Levitical priesthood are no longer required as a Tithe and Offering. Basically giving in New Testament times is not a Tithe.


If we still claim that a Tithe is owed to God how did it and who transformed it to money? If we are still under the Tithe Law where is it in the Bible for Christians?(For the record and the sign post the Tithe was for Jews. Also Jews that have not made the transition to Christianity and still offer a Tithe they also deny the Savior and the resurrection). Also when did grain crops and livestock become money as a Tithe? Can Preachers make up their own laws about giving? Why donít more people question concerns about giving? Are most people filled with the doctrines of the world that note money as the greatest priority in oneís life? Are Christians supposed to be separated from the world?


Also what is the role of Jesus in this ritual during the time of the New Law?


If we still believe that we owe God a Tithe do we deny Jesus and the resurrection?


What did Jesus die for?

Was the death of Jesus for the sins of humankind?

How did the sins and are atoning for sins during the Old Law impact on the coming Jesus?

Can you deny Christ and reach heaven?

When Paul teaches about giving in the New Testament why does he never, ever mention anything about a Tithe or owing God?


Just think about it owing God? You may owe someone in the flesh but to owe God is just a worldly notion that has no scriptural base. Think?


What is most important to God your heart or your money?

Meanwhile what is most important to man your money or your heart?


Think on these things and find comfort along the road to Peace and Paradise. If you sit idly by and allow ignorance and falsehoods to crowd your mind you†† accept the ungodly and the ways of the anti-Christ.



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