By Mini Patton

You can't judge "Christianity" by what the White man tells us, or as you mentioned the Jews take certain parts of the Scriptures to prove their point. You must read and study to show yourself approved. II Timothy 2:15.

The Holy Spirit will teach you and guide you, and you will begin to understand the whole Bible. Don't rely on someone to tell you who God is. Get to know him for yourself. We all must have a personal relationship with Him.

How would you like it if someone went to another person to ask about your personal business? You would tell them to ask you if they wanted to know. You would tell them to come to you. In other words come to the source. That's what Jehovah wants us to do, Come to the Source, to find out who He is. The only way to have a personal relationship with God is through Jesus Christ and God's Holy Spirit. The Spirit teaches us, guides us, convicts us, and comforts us. The Word tells us that we have not, because we ask not. Ask Jehovah God to Baptize you in His Holy Spirit. All Believers don't have His Spirit, because some don't ask, and some won't let the Spirit in.

Yes, Church should be in the heart of man, always, however the Bible does speak of Church. What about the Day of Pentecost? Acts Chapter 1 and 2. The Bible does not speak of denomination. Its Christ's Church in us, not a building, but we are taught in the Word: To assemble together with other believers.

Yes, there are Books missing from the Bible, but Jehovah God has allowed us to have enough of His Word, (That is the main theme from Genesis to Revelation) to live by. Don't concentrate on what is missing in the Book. Live by what Jehovah has allowed us to have. Writings that were written on scrolls so long ago. Think! We couldn't possibly have them all, but I'll say it again, God knows that He has given us enough through His Prophets and Apostles that we have no excuse for ignorance.

Don't waste this great opportunity to save your life by worrying about what is missing from the Book. Use what is in the book. The Holy Spirit will overwhelm you with the knowledge that He will give you.

Peace and with Love and Concern for God's children,

Sister Mini Patton, FreedomJournal


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