Beloved Brethren,


Peace be unto you. We are still eternally grateful to God our Father and His son Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit as we continue to make this sojourn. Moving forever we pray in the Spirit as we continue to be in gratitude to God for the opportunity to do His will. Where will the Spirit lead and guides us this time? Wherever we go we pray that you will be mindful that we come not to lift up self or for material gain but to work in His service.


Peace be unto you. I looked at a favorite place where a quiet creature that said nothing rested in the sun. When the rains came he relished the mud. Here as the trees and wind were at a tranquil pause we could feel the inherent Wind that begged to speak.





(2 December 2009 by Carl A. Patton)


I had to go to my rock enclave

as the rain had stopped its

downpour but still fell in,


Scattered drops. As I leaned back

on the rock wall two trees blocked

my eyes and the log I did not see.


But the log came in sight as I

peeped and of course I had seen

the log by inspiration as part of,


The plan so I need not see it by

sight. I now could write and

feel the breeze that you did not feel.


On this same log many turtles

bathed in the sun during the

green summer time.


This time of year they were

seldom seen. However this

day a lone turtle rested,


Stationary not moving. Once

more than once I see the quiet

animals that know peace.


These same lower creatures

submit to Godís will and rest

in it.




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