Beloved we thank Almighty God for His continued inspirations to see, feel reach out and touch His Great Creation. Thus we give thanks daily for our inspiration to write what God has willed us to see feel and touch. So what is ProVerse? As the Spirit called upon our body, soul and inner being one more time more than once we have been blessed to render a look past, present and sometimes beyond the comprehension of our mere flesh.


Hence cometh a prose introduction rendering a succinct look at a particular subject then the coming and transition of verse to bring much thought that continues to unfold to Light. This is ProVerse as it proceeds, making transitions, and transformations just as sure as we are going through an on-going conversion. The more we go through the more we see the Light.


Looking Past Time


This day I counted not, as time would take care

of itself and be recorded in history that only the

few the dedicated the called to see could actually

feel, touch and reach out and behold.


What did they see? What did they touch? I saw

John gently feel as we noted once more than once

the delicate and green leaves upon a tree a bush

of the field. He also embraced not as a human a,


Delightful cedar and oak tree. We have seen and

felt this feeling before but it is not wasted in things

pagan as we lift up the Creation for to do this is to

see God.


Thus we give thanks once more for the water that

flows and the mountains that dip into the endless

virgin great valleys. Is there anything so beautiful

as the move of the sky as blue heavens unfold,


While clouds disappear to once again look at us but

stare through sunlight. I now looked at the annals

and times of humankind realizing that the Church

was always with us and some knew and some just,


Wanted to go along. Where will the ride take them?

I rode with the Spirit and plan to never lose my ticket.

I also plan to see dreams as reality means all things can

become real in the miraculous mood of the Saints.



The Falling Of The Earth

Alleged Winners Lose: Losers Peace and Paradise


T=ss˛ (The Theory of Nonconformity)

A Note On Truth: Poor and Rich


Barack Obama & Black Self-Esteem: The Re-Birth of Black America

No Hunger Among the Greedy


The Rich In God Are The Multitudes: The Poor Majority Are Lost

The Conscience of America Bleeds: Red, Green, Black, White, Brown, Red & Yellow


Unconscious Hunger: Food Or Truth

The Wind That Blew Across The Land



Three Red Birds

These Days Will Pass


Cloudy Blue Sky

A Believers Look At The Creation & Mass



Diversity & God

Healing Testimony


High Rain Water

Humane Tolerance & Memorial Day


Never Walk Alone

Parallels of The Church House & The School House


Selective Solitude

Silent Space


The Miracle of God: Step Into Paradise

Stimulus For The Rich and Poor


Storms of God

The Little That We Have That Is Big


The Wind Never Changes

Treasure Is Peace, Paradise


Truth In Solitude

Wet Tennessee Water


The Little That We Have That Is Big

I Believe in the Inspired Writer’s







Part 1: Love Songs On & Off the Stage (The Passion of Compassion)

Part 2: Unity Human & In Black

Part 3: He Was First But He Will Never Be The Last

Part 4: We Remember Michael



Different View

Dead Talking: Dead Talk

Confirmation of Faith (Leave Your Burdens At The Altar)

Black Souls Lost


Air &Wind Never Stood Still

How Sweet Are The Arrows

A Vivid Horizon

Yard Sale


Contrasts, Contradictions, Parallels: World View & God

Part 1: Introduction






Part 1: Introduction To Poverty: A Faceless Man

Part 2: Seeing The Destitution of Wealth: Tear Stained Weak Crowns of Gold

Part 3: The Positive Nature of the Homeless, the Unemployed & Those With No Co-signer

Part 4: Excerpts Credit Cards or Credit Schemes



Part 5: The Contemporary Hope For the Poor: Barack Obama

Part 6: Compassion For The Poor: The Attack On Poverty

Part 7: Support Compassion & Love For The Poor & Rich

Part 8: The Poor: Money Politics & Campaign Finance Reform


Part 9: Apathy Vs. Hope Among The Poor

Part 10: The Poor: God & Health Care



Sad Tales of the Imposters of Destruction



Part 1:Talking To The Spirit: Feeling The Wind




A Turtle In December

Bad Days To Good Days

Fallen Falling Rain

I Found Jesus: Jesus Has Never Been Lost



I See A Brighter Day

I Touched Nature Today

Scattered Rain Drops

The Co-Existence of Darkness & Light



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