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In the name of God, Master of the Universe, Ruler of the earth



Editors Note: Beloved if you believe you will realize that there is no inherent blessing in diamonds and pearls. Nor is there a divine way to Glory through one’s financial treasure. I remember Jesus and the Sermon on the Mount the Beatitudes. There all were blessed in things that had no measure of fact, fiction or opinion in material things.


Jesus blessed not the pocketbook but the heart. Meanwhile even the very elect and the mission callers are challenged and grow weary as they run this race. Faith is a big word and one must lean on the walk of Faith and Patience daily. We may not know when a prayer will be answered at this turn in time however we know our final destination.


Thus prosperity is a promise now and later for the righteous. I rode not a Rolls Royce to Heaven. But all of the big cars for the sake of pride and greed gave out of gas before the judgment. Meanwhile I took a magic carpet ride to Peace and Paradise and the way I got there before and after the Books were opened was commissioned by God.



Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. As we wrestle with time that has no end we continue to look out over the horizon and beyond yonder hill to the Mountain. We also call up the record of things that have since been a part of our present time. There is surely no way to see God or man in this life and world without a vision of yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Meanwhile we hear so often the great debate among men about the role and mission of prosperity as it applies to all that liveth. Do you want prosperity? For those that see Jesus is prosperity defined differently? For example many that come to many places of worship and those that roam, walk and crawl all over the earth (world) that are lost nor found believe prosperity means in most instances Money. Therefore they live for things that are material like a big car, house, boat and plenty money the exchange for commodities, services etc, in the society that we live in.


But John, Oh! Thank God for John believed for sure in his heart that prosperity through the eyes of the believers meant nothing about material things or money. However, it could include money and things material but there was no great emphasis in the exclusive nature of prosperity as being material. So what does the Bible say? Also how does man define this word?


The word prosperity is taken from the word prosper. To prosper means to be successful; have a good fortune; to flourish. Therefore prosperity means a prosperous condition; good fortune and success. So here we see a secular definition of the word prosperity that differs from what it means in the Bible and among those that believe in God and Christ. For the record there is often a direct line of reasoning between the Bible and the secular world regarding most words, phrases. Although the secular definition is correct and needs to be taken into account there is more. The Bible extends the meaning of this word. As the word prosper, prosperity is extended it takes on a Godly meaning.


This meaning thus looks at material things and money as merely a by-product of prosperity as the believers don’t register their definitive juices first in a material definition. What is most important to them? Is it peace or money? Is it everlasting life or a temporal existence in an illusion that one can have a heaven on earth? Is material prosperity motivated by a disbelief in things spiritual before and after the “Last and Final Day?” Is the “Last and Final Day” for many material prosperity seekers only a fantasy?


The Material or Spiritual Life


I also have dreams as I still liveth. But

many only dream of things like the lottery

and a big prize. They also dream of expensive

automobiles as they move in a deleterious fashion

upon the earth.


One lady one day was surprised that a

Mercedes was not in our dreams as we

drove a Ford. She also prayed for a Cadillac

for the Preacher who already had several cars.

There were only less than 20 members.


They also had no Church house of their own.

John turned on the TV the Internet and saw man

and woman in the cloth crying with loud voices

that the good way to life this time was that of

acquiring and keeping, hoarding money.


Thus many study tools, speeches, sermons spoke of

the great money prosperity that was to befall all

that listened. Especially convicted by a measure of

larceny are those that purchase the tape the video and

give to receive a gift of prosperity.


But does the Bible speak about such things?

What is the most important prosperity seen in scripture?

Do you first seek out money and then find God?

Can you embrace or establish a relationship with

God and not have money?


Money seems to be the most important thing among

those of the world. But we the believers are not of the

world. However, nowhere in the Bible does it teach us

that we need money to get to Heaven. But how do you

get to the place of Heaven, Peace and Paradise?


Meanwhile they continue to write about “Going to

Heaven and the 50-Cent Picture Show.”


Cont. The Bible and Prosperity


Peace and Paradise,

Dr. Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press 19 July 2010 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


All rights reserved by FreedomJournal Press 2010.