(By Carl A. Patton, 23 January 2010)


Part 9: Apathy Vs. Hope Among The Poor









Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. Much of the world basks in a lowly sun that has no grounding in the Creation or the Creator as they see wicked and evil in things pure and simple. The people are often held in bondage as Niccol Machiavelli looks on as his quotes live on in their actions for example:

Politics have no relation to morals.”

This is a fact of life for those that seek to control what people read and how they think? What does this attitude produce? This brings to mind another quote by Machiavelli:

It is much more secure to be feared than to be loved.”

The registration of fear that has to be controlled while love is unbridled and flows free as the rain is dangerous.


Also what of that intriguing man Voltaire and his thoughts on Free Speech? Voltaire was formally known as Francois-Marie Arouet. As the heart and soul of the 18th century Enlightenment he is remembered as a great crusader against tyranny and bigotry. With a World View that moved him to be a great critic of the Church he was also great champion of Free Speech. So when did morals take over from religious persuasion? What was the Church and was it the same as the Church established by Christ and the Apostles when Voltaire wrote? A look at the history of the church may give us some idea as to why Voltaire was so critical of those that controlled the Church in his day.


So for your thought and mediation from the Essay on Epic Poetry, 1727:

"Liberty of thought is the life of the soul."


The Morality of Free Speech


Therefore Free Speech is not always exclusive to

those that see God. But is one’s speech limited

in not knowing God? Will man first embrace God

given rights and then abide by man and his laws?


Many beloved wander not knowing that many

things have already been fixed. Thus they know

not what God has to do with all things as they

are moved by the “Prince” and only see his kingdom.


There is no way for the Freedoms enjoyed over the

Internet in Cyberspace to be removed from the basic

Freedoms that embody the First Amendment to the

United States Constitution.


But many far off lands could care less about our

laws and the rights of citizens that God sanctioned

first. But does any man that believes that all people

should eat have God in them?


Did Machiavelli and Voltaire each have a relationship

with God and were lost as to the connection? Did all

come with parity on their minds? Did they only believe

in the Free Speech for the privileged?


The world has no exclusive hold on the denial of

Free Speech. Many challenge democracy as special

interests and big-headed men come to believe that only

what they believe should be protected.


Gone with the wind is the right to an opinion and

facts have little meaning in a dogmatic unpractical

world. Big Banks and Big Companies have more pledging

power and will back what Freedoms they believe they can,


Thrive on. The morals left to the greedy are those that

register the bonuses and compensations thus received

for doing an honest day’s work while on vacation

as high places allow low places to work for them.


So will man take up his God ordained right to talk?


Peace and Paradise,

Dr. Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press 29 January 2010 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.




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