Gone are the days when the great

fleets of human cargo ships sailed

throughout the western hemisphere.


Gone are the days when those tied

by ropes and chains, carried to

cotton fields could not see the

school house are gain sight to read.


Gone are the days when there

was much forbidden fruit hung

from oak trees north and south.

Sadder were the days when these

events were set in a carnival

scandalous atmosphere.


Even sadder and irreligious was

that many saw this as a time of pleasure

and amusement. However there is

no pleasure are amusement in the

lives of lost unrepentant souls.


The days have past when brotherís

came to kill brother in the great

Civil War. Some knew not what they

fought for. However the freed

prisoners still felt the rope of

many colors.


Hence past are the days when

there was no constitution for those

once held as prisoners of an economic

war justified in racial inferiority.


Gone are the days when the

school doors were opened and

closed and the wretched of this earth

only wore field clothes and brogan shoes.




Could you find any sturdy boot straps to pull up by?

Who said Black hands and not our minds (intellect) would only bring freedom?


Gone are the days of a black

Crow called Jim that called many

people as non-citizens with no rights.

Did this Crow fly for money are color?


Gone also are the days of Black pride and brotherhood.


These are the days of frivolous times.

Just give me some wine. Yes, just give

me a Rap song and be gone.

Where morals have been denounced

and bitches and whores are renowned.

Meanwhile the laws of God are held up to ridicule,

by clowns that slander and distort all that is good.


Were there ever days that saw integrity

and principles directed by moral values

of any esteem? Look at the TV and dream.

Yes, see the days of many lives gone to

degeneracy as a normal life style, and

teach our children to love it.


Was there ever a time when most

of humankind felt the natural desire

toward Truth and honesty?


Was there ever a time when humankind

knew that God created all of its

people with a good heart?


Who has come to tell otherwise?

Yes, who comes preaching hate and many believe it is love.

Can you know love and not know God and Christ?


Yes, who has come to confuse the

masses? The stench of hate burns the

shameful souls and taints the Spirit of

those that establish an alliance

with Satan and evil.





Yes, gone are the days where this

John first stood up and saw

that Godís democracy knew not numbers

but love of Christ and love of humankind.


Gone are his days when he saw

the mis-education of the Negro

and Cullad folks take hold

of many minds and hearts.


Could there have been a mis-education of Black people?

Does Negro and Cullad order a way of thinking?

Are these then just terms of Blackness of a particular time in space?


Did the mind accept the heart?

Did the heart accept the mind?

Just what came first?

Just who chose to be right?

Can you be both right and wrong?


Passed are the days when he asked

where has my Thesis gone? Yes where

is the academic freedom of those

destined to run, walk and crawl

clinging to Christ.


Just where is the freedom of religion?

Who still comes with bloody hands

still seeking to crucify Christ?


Is Judas and his colleagues still

living in the Big House? How much

is he paid these days?


Meanwhile the free expression in

academia fall as dry rain drops

upon all that stood up for independent

thinking and another way out of the box.


So the academic charlatans gathered and

circled their death wagons filled with

goat heads. They then sold academic

robes and credentials to the highest bidder




in flesh and money. Thus casting away integrity,

man-hood and principles.


What did the Judas branch receive in return for their non-service these days?


As the academic ladder leaned on a

weak tree, John continued to climb.

However past are the days when his

dissertation was hung out to dry,

Because he dared critique the

Black community, its leadership,

Black preachers and the flawed

example of Black organizations that

speak for a so-called elite and favored few.


Brethren just how many really love Christ?


Is the love of Christ a confession

of love? Is love also an action word?


They donít come with a love of Christ

are any human being. What of the love

of money and material things? Who

dares to say that most scholars are

absent of love of the Creator as they

see it in mystery.


Gone are the days then that saw the

early great thinkers realizing that God is

the center of Truth.


Sad that many think, and believe that Satan has gained power?

Has Satan gained more coverts? Are more people now of the world?

How can the world continue to be populated if not for God ordained marriage?


Has some vile and wicked intellect invaded

academia? Where have all the scholars gone?

Can you think for yourself these days?

Who has the audacity to think for another

human being? Who allows a wicked Spirit

and unconscious mind to think for them?



†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††Are there any intellectuals among the ivy

Halls of the Ivy League Schools are any other

Schools? What of these times of 2007? Has

a decadent way of life become supreme?


Just where are the great minds that knew who created who?


Would these great thinkers sit by and

feed the flames of evil and Satanís

wicked desire? To purge are not to

purge. Just how can you clean and

clear up something that is not defiled?


Will weak and shallow minds rule,

The world? Just what is the

world and can we just pass through

this space?




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