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The FreedomJournal is involved in an on-going critique of Christianity in the Black community. We came to Christianity with a history of writing about the historical, economic, political, psychological and social experiences of Black Americans and Blacks throughout the Diaspora. Thus, we also note our responsibility to critique religion in the Black community.


We also realize that Christianity is not the only religion embraced by Black Americans or Blacks throughout the world. However as Christians we are most familiar with the Black Christian experience and have been influenced by Christianity since birth.



The following series will review concerns that are found in most Black churches. We also note clearly what the Bible reveals about the role and attitude of Preachers/Ministers/Pastors.


Beloved peace be unto you. It is a tragedy that most likely we have more honest lawyers than honest preachers. “The Call to Christ” or the reality that many are not called is seen in the love of materialism in the church. We see materialism in the TV ministries where religion is commercialized. This commercialization is turned into a science of Theology in the shrewd tactics of the very popular “Prosperity Ministers.”


Meanwhile the people of God search for a church that believes in the Whole Bible. Why have so many churches turned against God? Do these Preachers and church leaders believe in God? Can Satan blind the eyes of a man or woman that keeps God first?


We can ask many questions concerning the ungodly behavior of Black Preachers. For the record the mis-guided Black Preacher presents a crisis in the Black community. As church leaders these ungodly men have brought every manner of worldly evil into the church. For the record Rap Gospel and many other ills of society do not get into the church unless allowed by the Preacher. The house of God is a place where the wickedness of sin should be addressed and healed. However when church leaders do not address these sins they merely sanction this behavior.


However what motivates Preachers who have been under the Word for thirty or forty years to go against the Word of God?  How can these people; stand in the pulpit and say they stand on God’s Word but Censor Bible teaching in the church. We have created a list that we believe are some of the reasons that many Black Preachers act ungodly. However this list is not conclusive, but it will give us some ideas and a general framework for making an analysis of why many Black Preachers (especially) have turned to Satan.


  1. They don’t believe in the Bible.
  2. They believe that they have a special relationship with God thus they are not held accountable like ordinary people.
  3. They believe once saved always saved.
  4. They believe that God’s grace, mercy and salvation is not a gift but a guarantee from God to all Preachers.
  5. They are materialistic, thus they have no morals, values, principles and are predictable in their quest to worship money.
  6. They have gone crazy in the ministry are they suffered serious psychological problems before entering the Ministry.
  7. They are whoremongers.
  8. They are ignorant this include the educated, the illiterate and the uneducated.


Peace and Love, Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press updated 9 June 2009 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.







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