Part 6: The Fruit of The Call

In the name of God, Master of the Universe, Ruler of the earth.

Greetings Brethren,

Peace be unto you. As many men and women claim, they are Called to the Ministry there is often no shame in their game. Again we declare that we do not know who God Called. However, we can make an evaluation of Preachers regarding their fruit. Thus, a congregation, Godly or ungodly is a reflection of the Minister of the church.

Therefore "The Fruit of The Call" is revealed “Theory and Practice" of the Preacher. We note theory as a firm grounding in the Bible. We note practice as, to lead by example. Thus, a Preacher must live a life based on Christian principles and values. He therefore practices what he Preaches and stands boldly for God as one of God's messengers.

Again we note one cannot determine the Call of a Preacher based on a hunch or undocumented opinion. However "The Fruit of the Call,” which involves a layman's definition for "Theory and Practice" can, begin the evaluation of the Preacher. Thus the phrases "listen to what they say," and" watch what they do," will allow one a basic evaluation framework for the Preacher and any other creature of the Creation.

Thus after the proclamation of the Call the elements of "Theory and Practice" as an evaluation tool can be launched. For the record it is also the responsibility of all Christians to determine good from bad. Thus, it is a Christian responsibility and duty to discern False Prophets. Meanwhile, the Bible gives us clear guidelines toward making the proper evaluation.

The shame of False Prophets has been a factor since Old Testament times. During the Old Testament False Prophets prophesied and Preached what the king and the people wanted to hear. The False Prophets of today do the same thing. They claim that their message comes from God but they are only motivated by money, fame and power. You can always determine ungodly Preachers and Teachers because they glorify themselves and limit their tribute to Christ.

However, the most direct and precise way to distinguish between the good and bad is to keep your eyes on God. Thus the only way the Hustling ungodly Preacher can deceive you is that you leave God. God will never leave you. Thus if you find it difficult to see through the various money-changers on TV and in the pulpits of America you have placed something or somebody before God.

In the Gospel of Matthew 7:15-20, Jesus teaches us that man bears fruit, good or bad. Jesus tells us to beware of False Prophets that come as sheep but are wolves. "Ye shall know them by their fruits." As you apply the evaluation framework of "Theory and Practice" you will see that the wolf will eventually show his true character by an attack on the unsuspecting sheep. Also, a thorn bush will be without fruit by bearing thorns.

Therefore, an evil tree is unable to bear good fruit. However some trees that were at first good also bear evil fruits. Thus, many Preachers did receive a righteous Call from God. Nevertheless, it is a shame that many Preachers have left God and placed their trust in man and the world. This has happened to many good men Called by God. This statement is the underlying reason for the fall from grace of "The Black Preacher: The Shame of the Ministry."

In the Gospel of John we find added scripture passages toward our evaluation of those Called to the Ministry. In John 7:16-18 we see Jesus teaching in the Temple. Jesus as the Son of God reveals that he did not need instructions from man to teach about God.

Logically one should know or must know a particular doctrine to Teach or Preach. However, religion is often illogical to the world and unbelievers. Thus if one is truly Called to do the will of God he will be open to the Truth of God. However if he is not disposed to do God's will he will reject Truth and defy reality. Also those that claim the Call from God that rely on instructions from man seek their own glory.

In John 5:41 Jesus said: "I receive not honor from men." Thus Jesus did not seek approval by man but He sought to be approved by God. Meanwhile many of those that claim to be Called seek the approval of man. We ask the following questions: (1) Do their words (Preachers) line up with the Bible or do they contradict the scriptures? (2) Do they speak toward the will of God or for themselves?

Noting several other scriptures can further bring up the Call of the Preacher up for review. As we continue, we will see "The Fruit of the Call" further revealed.

Peace and Love, Carl Patton a willing slave of Almighty God writing for the FreedomJournal 24 June 2006 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

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