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Part 47:  Psalms 117: God’s Love Extends To The Entire Creation





In the name of God Master, of the Universe, Ruler of the earth


Editors Note: “I often wondered about the unknown that I can see and feel. I touched the sky and knew that it came upon us as the Creation loomed. Then I settled in a fit of love. Why not extend greetings and best wishes to all people and lend the blind the lame the oppressed a helping hand. I conformed to all categories and I relied on the Lord. Meanwhile a world we live in that is lost and confused seeks not to see the things unknown that are visible. They carry on in great dialogues and in time they confuse themselves. Jesus has given us the simple answer but He comes with responsibility, but it is free.”


Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. To the Church (the Church of Christ Jesus the Prophets and Apostles) and believing Christians everywhere. To those that believe in the Bible (the Spirit of God) as the supreme authority that governs all of humankind. In this we give thanks to God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit that leads and guides us the straightway.


Beloved as we approach the 117th Psalms we note that it is the shortest chapter in the Bible it is also noted to be at the center of the Bible. What does it mean? Does this short scriptural passage speak for volumes to those that believe?  We come with sincere and devout confidence standing on God’s Truth. Thus we profess His love for all of humankind. This is one of the greatest promises that we can ever receive.   His unlimited love is awesome as it covers the entire world and its people.


Psalms 117: 1-2: “O PRAISE the Lord, all ye nations: praise him all ye people.”

All ye nations mean all people that liveth. This means Jews and Gentiles. Therefore if all people are accepted to engage in praise services then all may expect to receive his spiritual favor. For the record the Jews were originally the chosen people of God. However God used them to pave the way for all people to be accepted under his grace. Now as we live those that are chosen are those that accept Christ as their Savior.


Meanwhile we see the Apostle Paul quoting this verse at Romans 15: 11. Follow us there for even more clarity on this scripture.


Romans 15: 11: “And again, Praise THE Lord, ALL YE GENTILES; AND LAUD HIM, ALL YE PEOPLE.


Jesus was born of Hebrew lineage. Thus he fulfilled the promise of being the seed of Abraham. Meanwhile the offering of the Gospel to the Gentiles fulfilled that part of the promise that “all nations” would be blessed through this seed. Therefore this universal love of God for all He created is noted in scripture as we move from the Old to the New and the time of Christ the Gospels and the advent of the Apostles and the establishment of the Church-Christian.


Now back to our primary scripture found at Psalms 117 and our final verse.


117:2 “For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the Lord endureth for ever. Praise ye the Lord.”

This scripture reveals one of the greatest examples of why we should praise the Lord. Simply he has mercy and kindness toward all of us. Also His Truth lasts forever. This passage ends with Praise ye the Lord which means Hallelujah. These blessings are for all that live and there is no greater quality of Truth other than that which comes from the Lord.


At the 100th Psalms we find 5 verses. We now look toward verse 5 as we take an even more in-depth closer look at what has been noted in our previous verse and our over-all lesson here.  This is also a Psalms of praise; we also suggest that you re-read this powerful message of God’s love.


Psalms 100: 5: “For the Lord is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.”

Man in the flesh can offer us mercy. However man is not for everlasting. The mercy of the Lord extends on and on and is everlasting. His Truth will stand the test of all time. This Truth also does not change and will continue to bless generations yet to come. Meanwhile many do not answer are heed the Truth of God. Thus we have many men and women of many letters that deny God wallowing in confusion as they seek many answers to the problems of today.


I also heard John say that... “There is no real Truth if God is not in it.”

 “What do you mean Brother John? Do you mean that if one has not embraced the Spiritual realm he lacks the ability to ascertain what I heard you describe as ultimate Truth?”


 Well my Brother I mean that when one knows God he can see more Truth. There is a “Methodology for Obtaining Truth” and God is at the center of this methodology. We also note that there is a particular equation that is also used. T=ss² is the Theory of Non-Conformity this is the way to this God Centered Ultimate Truth I have briefly described.”


Now I was very interested. As a student of the Black Experience I thought I had gained much knowledge by studying this discipline (Black, African and African American Studies) at several graduate levels. However I only became enlightened as too many very important realities of the Black Experience only after my conversion.


“Just what does the history of the Church and Christianity have to do with understanding not only the Black Experience but the experiences of humankind over time?”


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Peace and Paradise,

Dr. Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press 17 December 2009 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


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