Part 39:  The Miracle of Prayer & The Birth of John (Luke 1: 13)





In the name of God Master, of the Universe, Ruler of the earth


Editors Note: Miracles come by way of prayer. However we (the flesh) know not when nor can we call out the time or claim any power to complete this process.

“There was once a man, who lived, thrived and took in the air of the Spirit. Meanwhile a Preacher from the pulpit noted that the brethren should be aware of gossip and the wolves in sheep clothing. Much gossip had gone out regarding poor stewardship of monies donated for the building of a new sanctuary. There was also talk that the leader of the church who held the purse strings had mis-applied building fund money to his account or used it for personal items. One Deacon was also missing who many said had come upon this mis-use of the brethren’s money. But this Deacon had been run off and his name had been dipped in shame.

Thus due to an open invitation to deal with and settle gossip the Spirit man called John  asked the Preacher what happened to the Deacon that had once sat in his counsel. He was told that this was not the time and place. But before the Preacher could complete his refusal a large female associate minister rose up and rushed towards John with eyes closed, head pulled back arms waving declaring that the Holy Spirit is telling me that we are to shy away from those that spread discord in the church.

John left noting that there were no men in the church. However he was followed outside by the possessed female minister as she continued her diatribe. Thus John noted that women should not try to be the head of the church. At that time her husband had to be restrained as he wanted to physically attack John for allegedly insulting his wife. Thus we pray for a miracle as John noted in his remarks as Christians shouldn’t we have a heart of forgiveness for the Preacher and the Deacon.”



Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. To the Church (the Church of Christ Jesus the Prophets and Apostles) and believing Christians everywhere. To those that believe in the Bible (the Spirit of God) as the supreme authority that governs all of humankind. In this we give thanks to God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit that leads and guides us the straightway.


Brethren the Bible notes many instances of miracles regarding the prayers of the barren and those without children. The miracles of prayer are still evident. There is no John among us and Samuel has passed on however the saints still pray without ceasing as many miracles still come by. Will you see your miracle?


Follow us now to the Gospel of Luke and the miracle birth of John. At verses 5-25 we see Luke writing about the time an angel promised the birth of John to Zacharias. Our primary verse is verse 13. However we suggest that you read and digest all of these verses and the entire chapter of 80 verses and make special note of verses 60-63 and the bracket of scripture 57-80 that note the birth of John.


Luke 1: 13: “But the angel said unto him Fear not, Zacharias: for thy prayer is heard; and thy wife Elisabeth shall bear thee a son, and thou shall call his name John.”


The record tells us that Zacharias had been praying for a son. This is why Luke at verse 6 calls Zacharias and Elisabeth righteous before God. They were prayerful people. They were not opposed to children as these were the days when children were prized. Thus those that did not have children often prayed to God for a miracle birth.  Meanwhile the promise of a son comes with instructions for his name.


John would be great in the sight of the Lord whether the world admired him or not. This is still evident today as the FreedomJournal Press continues our work for the Lord. We come to lift up the Lord however we are not dismayed by the ill and often cruel treatment of the world. John was destined for great work and would be gifted with the Spirit and power of Elijah. He would baptize many and prepare them for the coming of our Savior Christ Jesus.


Turn with us now to an Old Testament scripture that also reveals a miracle birth and the Lord hearing a prayer of the righteous. At Genesis 25 we see the story of the death of Abraham and the birth of Jacob and Esau. Our primary verse is verse 21 however read and digest this entire chapter especially verses 19-26.


Genesis 25: 21: “And Isaac entreated the Lord for his wife, because she was barren: and the Lord was entreated of him, and Rebekah his wife conceived.”


The Bible reveals that Isaac and Rebekah had been married for twenty years and had no children. Isaac then prayed to the Lord for children. We also note that his mother Sarah had also been barren and prayed for children and her wish and that of her husband Abraham was granted. Again we note that being childless during the days and times of the Old and New Testament was a unfortunate state thus the people often appealed to God for children. However this appeal to God was only seen among the righteous as they knew the power of God and they also had faith.


Now follow us to I Samuel where we will note the miracle birth of Samuel. At verses 1-20 we see where God answers Hannah‘s prayer for a son. Our primary verse is verse 19 however get a blessing by reading and studying this entire chapter especially the bracket of scripture that deals with the birth of Samuel at verses 1-20.


I Samuel 1: 19: “And they rose up in the morning early, and worshipped before the Lord, and returned, and came to their house to Ramah: and Elkanah knew Hannah his wife; and the Lord remembered her.”


They” refers to those generally involved in the service of this occasion. Here we see another miracle birth. Due to the fulfillment of the promise made by Eli when Elkanah knew or went into his wife Hannah she conceived. Eli was the Judge before Samuel. Samuel was thus born during the last days of this great Judge.


Now return with us to Luke where we will note the time in which Elisabeth gives birth to John and the name that he was given.


Luke 1: 60-63: “And his mother answered and said, Not so; but he shall be called John.”


1: 61: “And they said unto her, There is none of thy kindred that is called by this name.”


1: 62: “And they made signs to his father, how he would have him called.”


1:63: “And he asked for a writing table, and wrote, saying, his name is John. And they marveled all.”


The miracle birth of John also noted that the angel of the Lord also gave Zacharias his name. Zacharias had been dumb unable to speak since the appearance of Gabriel noted at verse 20. Thus he asked for a writing table. When he noted that the babe’s name was John they knew that this name had been previously decided. Why was John given this name? Is there any significance to the name or the method in which he was named?


Meanwhile brethren do miracles during these times of contemporary drama come silently in the night? Do they come by way of the Faith Healers that claim to be blessed with the healing power of the Prophets and the Apostles? Will you be able to see a miracle in your prayer life?


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Peace and Paradise,

Dr. Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press 12 November 2009 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


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