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Part 8: The Poor: Money Politics & Campaign Finance Reform


Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. To the Church and believing Christians everywhere. To those that believe in the Bible as the supreme authority that governs all of humankind. In this we give thanks to God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit that leads and guides us the straightway.


Editors Note: Beloved Brethren we are pleased to note the following for your thought and mediation from one of our avid readers who attends the Catholic Church. Peace be unto this beloved brother for his contributions and insight. Is there any way around the money that comes often tainted although meant for the good use among the masses? Will there ever be a true reform of a system that often needs no fixing as it breaks down at every turn? What will the sages think on? Who will come following the Wind as therein is the Spirit and high above the clouds is Truth that floats on a see all sea for the masses and those with no mask.



Special Contribution to FreedomJournal Press: Re: Part 6: Compassion For The Poor: The Attack On Poverty


Dear Mr.  Patton,


Regarding Part 6 below, you have it right with President Obama.  I want to believe he is the breath of fresh air many of us have been looking for, a President who sees both the plight and the powerlessness of our Nation's people, the masses.  The groundswell of "grass-roots" money that came his way during his campaign was such an encouraging sign, except when we realize that "money" has, and continues to be, at the root of all our problems.  For one thing, We are now Nine Trillion Dollars in debt, a time to empower our nation to re-energize from the ground up, as our future, at this time more than any other, requires and demands it if we are to remain solvent and a world leader.  But because of special interest, everything in Congress remains a stalemate.  And even now with Health Care Reform, money interests are watering everything down to mere rhetoric, "the use of language designed to have a persuasive or impressive effect on its audience, but is often lacking in sincerity or meaningful content."


My opinion:  We as a Nation will continue to lose ground economically, so long as money is so powerfully funneled to the top, by the top.  This is true in business as well as politics.  Business leaders are constantly pressed by their most wealthy stockholder's to meet quarterly earnings expectations.  Legislators cannot act without being tied to special interests and their promised support for their next multi-million dollar national or state-wide campaign.  Politicians and Political Contributors:  These are the players in today's game.  The rest of us are but spectators in the stands.


As I see it, we will not have confidence in our nation's political leadership until "We the People" stand up and force Congress to pass strong Campaign Finance Reform.  Instead of a Nation that is run for people at the top by people at the top, let's get back to a governmental system that empowers governance "by the people and for the people."


My emphasis is on changing the "system."  My opinion:  Campaign Finance Reform is the essential starting place.


Respectfully yours,


The Confrontation of Power & The Powerless


John feasted on certain political realities and some that

came laying in wait by the wayside offered many

messages of no hope. Still the answer was Jesus as

Job became a leaning post for many that believed and

were loyal to God and country.


Meanwhile relying on his Helper he looked up toward

the source of his strength. What is power? Does power

confront the powerless or do those with no power

confront power? But how can one without power confront

those with power?


He surely needed some help here thus he looked to the

Spirit and not to us as we are in the flesh although we

call out things we are sent to say. John saw power

as man saw power in a position of authority. He also saw

it in the ability to act or produce an effect.


Control and influence also came in the breast of power.

Meanwhile the poor had very little if any influence. They

also had no authority as they had to go to the authorities

for almost every need. But could they act on something

to produce an effect?


What of the numbers of those that are so-called powerless?

So in a world of flesh the powerless as they garnered up

numbers could have some effect. How? John knew that all

was not lost as he pondered the so-called political realities

of his time and day.


He also knew that God the Creator gave power to all that

believed. So as the powerless believed they were/are empowered

by God. What does this mean in a political arena that is governed

by the world’s standards? Is there then a crushing defeat among

those powerless as only money is power?


The one-eyed man and the one sided man resigned in the disbelief

of the poor and the powerless having power. However the Wind

blew hard all night and day. The sea came up from the earth

and the birds flew while the cock cried out at the break of day.

I felt the rain as I relished the sunshine.


I also saw the clouds move and the clear sky that came and went

were seen from my exclusive eyes. What did you see? No man

had the balance or power to move the universe or come inside the

Creation. Power left those who left or never found God. Money

thus fell down in shame as it was used for only a little while.


Cont. Part 9: Apathy Vs. Hope Among the Poor


“Who Will Just Try Jesus Way?”


Peace and Golden Paradise, Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press 11 September 2009 in the year of our Lord and savior Christ Jesus.