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EXCERPTS Part 4: Credit Cards Or Credit Schemes



Editors Note: My beloved Brethren. The world continues a downward spiral as the poor are still counted by the blind and those that see as cannon fodder in various convert ways.  Will poor people get in the way of the pseudo rich? Can the poor out live the rich and stay on earth too long?

Constitutional rights are limited among those that have very little resources as big companies deny rights to Free Expression to those with little pocketbooks.  The man dead broke appealed to No one as the Boss heard nothing. However God did.

Meanwhile gifted and sent we have been able to see that all that looks good for the masses is often only good for those with a manner of control over the masses that don’t see God. All that glitters is not gold. And surely all that are poor and those who claim to be rich are not poor.  The poor see Peace and Paradise the rich see a fading sunshine that came in the temporal flesh. Thus many come “the wretched of the earth” not hampered are stalled by limited resources but the good sense to see life beyond the pocketbook and Peace and Paradise.


Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. To the Church and believing Christians everywhere. To those that believe in the Bible as the supreme authority that governs all of humankind. In this we give thanks to God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit that leads and guides us the straightway.


It is for sure that the people of God and all that believe in love and compassion for all of humankind welcome the hope of the Obama Administration to help poor people survive during these trying times. Yes, these are the times when the poor and elderly, those on fixed incomes the disabled are conned, tricked out of millions of dollars. Do many credit card companies are the big bank of America prey on those with fixed incomes? Most of their (the poor and often oppressed) monthly income (usually only one source) goes directly to the bank by way of a disability check, social security etc. Thus they (the Big Banks) know that the poor and often elderly have only a pittance to live on monthly. However many credit cards are designed especially for these people.


So how can we figure out if this bank and many others in the banking industry willfully practice with premeditated larceny schemes to deprive the poor out of money they need for medications and food to eat? One clear and direct way is to look closely at the billing statements received by our case-study person and try to gain some sense out of what has taken place. One of the most prominent schemes is to charge the poor a fee for over-payments. First of all why not just reject the transaction like many other credit card companies. But this would not allow a shrewd way to bilk the elderly poor out of money claiming that they have overdrawn their account and thus owe a fee for doing so.


Look with us as we note the circumstances and figures from several billing statements in sequence to try to get some understanding of how one of these schemes works.  We will note three billing statements. The first notes that the account was in good standing. However we will try to gain some sense of the credit available section as this is a key element in this scheme as it serves as a point of confusion. Then we will note two other statements to try to ascertain just how the account was overdrawn and especially how it came to be overdrawn for two straight months. We begin in May 2009. Look at your statements?


Excerpts and brief note on the Billing Statements. Meanwhile for your thought and mediation….Are the Poor living too long?


PAYMENT POSTED: 7-3-09 Amount: $46.00

Over limit Fees Based on Balance $1,513.98 Posted 7-23-09 Transaction 7-23-09 Amount: $39.00: Again we note that the Balance is erroneous and incorrect. Therefore the over payment once again is incorrect and meant as a willful act of larceny from our vantage point.


Account is again noted as being over the limit.


New Balance: $1,552.98: Our reading of these three Billing Statements note that the balance for this account at this time should be $1,474.88 not the inflated figure noted at the beginning of this section.

Payment Due Date 8-17-09


One Penny For the Many


The Big Banks the money lenders the money spenders

the stimulus thieves who sought more to gold inlay the

executive office and greedy pocketbooks than an equal

share to the man with only one penny more.


Many schemes came on the scene. Some changed the

time a bill was due as the fixed income people lived from

day break to dusk and month to month as they had nothing

in between. Thus a change of time of payment to them was fatal.


Sometimes they targeted the young and those eager with credit

cards that were in college. But the greatest and most wretched

schemes came among those that were old and hungry. The banks

snatched the last piece of bread and sopped the pot with vice.


John said he had one penny too many. As he saw an effort to

deprive his mother and all that looked to Social Welfare

out of every dime they had as there was no savings as

the banks knew they had nothing.


Meanwhile many looked to God and saw renewed hope in prayer.

We also placed faith and trust in some that had been sent to

render some relief to the poor. For the first time since the days

of FDR have we seen anyone calling out the name of the poor?


The Banks need to eat and so do the people. Who will eat first?

Will all have a fatted calf? Do anyone liveth that actually wish

gravy for some and slop for others? Where are the hogs that

eat caviar as the slop is thrown to the penny people.


Cont. Part 5:  The Contemporary Hope For The Poor: Barack Obama


Peace and Golden Paradise, Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press 2 September 2009 in the year of our Lord and savior Christ Jesus.