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Part 3: The Positive Nature of the Homeless, The Unemployed & Those with No Co-Signer


Editors Notes: Has God already co-signed for the righteous? Who will be salvation and co-signer in the flesh for those poor and sometimes hungry? Treat not your brother with a deleterious spirit. It may come back to haunt you in your sleep and all the days that God giveth. Also see: The Rich Man Cried

 Parable of the Rich Man Poor Man     Parable Of The Rich Pauper

Parable of The Rich Po Man   They Relish In Prosperity




Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. To the Church and believing Christians everywhere. To those that believe in the Bible as the supreme authority that governs all of humankind. In this we give thanks to God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit that leads and guides us the straightway.


Beloved what is seen by the messengers the sages called upon to render a report on the nature and posture of the poor and the rich? As we go back in time and reflect on the times in which we live and note the days beyond we may find something many of you never thought about. However those that seek to live a wretched existence outside the Spirit realm know not of these things. They also refute reality as they pass by the saints and often render a cruel, hard, impenitent, indifferent and insensitive report on those that they believe to be homeless. This is also true of those that are unemployed and under-employed as they apply for loans to buy cars, houses etc. Meanwhile the dreaded Credit Bureau becomes the Death Bureau as they render capital sentences for alleged economic infractions. How could the un-employed and those with no co-signer have any good credit scores in a system designed to cause them to fail? 


The people now classified as poor also come up short as the money-spenders and lenders deny them assistance as they have no co-signer. Having No money is a crime by those that seek to further exploit the already poor. But little do they know of the many that came before them with no homes, jobs or any co-signer that they knew about.


The Old, New & Contemporary Credit Bureau


Buying on credit is a new contemporary term

used in today’s western world. However many

people long gone thrived on having all that money

could not buy.


The great co-signer of the midnight sky had no money compared to the standards of today. He also had no money but owned everything. However the banks respected only tangible economic power and not All Power.


The rocks that served as the Prophets pillow at

night and at the break of day talked of the many

guests that had been housed among the night and day

skies. Although called upon for great tasks the rocks

said, “you know Jeremiah and Isaiah were homeless.”


Due to the ways and customs of the present all the Great Prophets were homeless. Some would even throw in the word shiftless. As many went apreaching from place to place. However we are told many turned deaf ears although they did hear that one day all would hear and listen and all would also bow down to the King.


Also Malachi, Moses or Ezekiel did not have jobs that

are similar to the jobs people have today. A standing

brier bush filled with roses told me that they were

un and under employed. The Wind meanwhile caressed

the trees and also declared that they had no co-signer.


If they had jobs were they paid? Today every penny is counted as you have a quota to earn for the right to live and die on credit. They also had no friends, relatives or associates that had enough cows, sheep or mules to put up if they failed to re-pay a loan. The contemporary banks never considered that the believers always had the Supreme co-singer.


“Why was there confusion,” said the rocks that clung majestically

to the hill-sides? Well said the running rabbit that dodged the

cooking pot “they needed nothing.” “How did they live,” said the

cedar tree? As the Old turned to the New along came a man

called John. Baptist was also added to his name.


This man John came baptizing people in the name of Jesus. He also talked of repentance. Do the banks today and holders of credit need repentance? Just what do we need today to live on? Nothing said the cedar tree as God provides all. He has also co-signed for all of humankind.


John was a rambling man who ate wild honey thus he

gathered his food. A tall tree looking down also said,

“He wore clothes taken from the backs of animals of the

forest that he consumed for food.” He was also homeless

and without a job. But one thing is common in him and,


Life is now not so simple. Each penny spent is traced and tracked. However the love of God has gone unchanged.


The great prophets they all knew God. Was God then

their Father? Could He then be a co-signer if needed?

Then along came Jesus as John the Baptist paved the way.

They said he had a job as a carpenter but he seldom worked

at his profession.


Many saw Jesus and were confused although he preached of spiritual healing and physically healed the sick and rendered love throughout the land.  Some see all his words but feel not his heart and are still confused. He would also be chased back to the poor house which is the house built by His Father.


He also had no stable address and roamed the back woods

and frequented the places where the low and poor people were.

If he applied for a loan for a chariot, carriage or donkey he

also had no one to co-sign. But he talked of the Father who was

by now noted by the believers as the co-signer of all humankind.


Is there something inherently good or evil in those that have been historically homeless and unemployed?


Jesus left still homeless and broke and without any credit rating.

However he taught many Disciples that were Apostles to carry on

His work. They were told to quit any jobs that they had and follow

Him. So again once more than once we see a group of homeless

unemployed men rambling the countryside bringing Good News.


Do you have to be homeless and unemployed and without a co-signer to work for the Lord? Have the principles of employment and housing and strong credit scores changed over time?


The smooth rock for my pillow this night turned to the cool

Spring where I quenched my thirst and said, “I looked into the water

last night and saw the time in which we now live.” The Prophets

were chased from the car dealers and the banks were closed for

they only loaned money to the rich or those that had at least a monthly,


What is the plight of those with no salary? Will they ride a ford, mule, donkey or a luxury car? Do we all need transportation? Will man then ride what he can afford? Who determines what one can afford?


Salary of $2,000. They also cast an evil eye upon those that wanted

car loans or any assistance that were un and under-employed.

They also often put forth this contemporary notion of a co-signer

for any assistance. As the Prophets were chased away from the rich

man’s table so were John the Baptist and Jesus.


I wonder what trouble is caused in the sojourn record of those that chase Jesus, the Prophets and the Apostles away from the kings table.


The Apostles were also put to shame as they told them that the

co-signer they talked about had to sign his name. Never could the

car dealers the money lenders the dreaded banks the Credit Death

Bureau realize that those that know God never need a co-signer as

He has already made the promise.


John laughed inside as he never wanted to shame those that turned him away. He knew that God was in the midst. He came not to record his thoughts because he was turned down. He was thus inspired because of the callous and cruel way the poor were treated.


Now the big cedar said to the little cedar from Lebanon.

When you turn the poor down for a loan you may be turning

down God. There have been such great precedents set among

the homeless and the unemployed that were always satisfied with

a little horse or a mule.


How can you turn God down? But can man turn himself inside out?


Cont. Part 4: Credit Cards Or Credit Schemes?


Peace and Golden Paradise, Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press 9 August 2009 in the year of our Lord and savior Christ Jesus.