Greetings my Beloved,


Peace be unto you. Even in the midst of the peaceful and righteous storms of life we find a great blessing in our sojourn as God has so commissioned us to write to you. Peace and love surely rules the world as many seek to deny this reality with many false beliefs. However we come to set the record straight thanking Almighty God as always as we go this way.


Love has many meanings for the truly inspired as they seek loneliness as in this realm there the thinking begins. Therefore many loves as to a man and woman are far-fetched as many mortals see not God but man. Thus we come loving Jesus as we know that all of the commandments are met when we love God and our neighbor as our self.


May you see something in these pages but whatever you see, feel and touch we pray that our Lord and Savior will be in the midst. We see many things and many things are yet to come. Forever will you receive a blessing is our prayer.


Peace and Paradise, Carl A. Patton a willing servant of Almighty God and a witness for Christ Jesus writing for the FreedomJournal 14 June 2008.




POEMS 2007


A Glimpse At The Creation


A Look At The Creation


All Of Nature Bowed To The Creator


Another Look At Independence


Defeated Kings


Demented Shadows


Fatal Illicit Love


Fear No Man


Many Youth Are Stolen


Many Youth Are Stolen To Die


Northern And Southern Voices


The Conscience


The Shackles Still Exist


They Still Come For Jesus


Who Will Tell My People



POEMS 2008


2008 And Black Values


A Note On the Blues


Asleep In Sorrow


Black and White Collar Thieves


Cheated Tranquility


Confessions Of The Not Guilty


Contradictions In Black


Dependence and Trust


Educational Default? Slaughter of The Law?


Those That Expectorate and Squat On Free Speech


Free Speech: Liberalism and Christianity


God Looks At Liberalism


Just What Is Tolerance


Liberal Freedom of Speech



Lifeís Journey The Utility of the Negative & The Positive


Lonesome Trees Looking At The Moon


The Tragedy of Straw Boss Leadership: Black & Cultural Genocide


Paper Programs: Paper Moon


The Ignorant and The Foolish


The Church: Christ Is The Church


The Acceptance of the Deception


Stolen Credentials


Self Entrapment & The Thief


Another Look At Selective Freedom of Speech


Satanís Under-Takers


Parallels of the Bag People & The Righteous


Parallels Contradictions Confusion Church and State


Marked Bodies


The Tiger Never Smiled





Facts-Opinions & The 1st Amendment


Ignorance vs. Accepted Ignorance (Conflict, Confusion, Contradictions, Confrontation-Resolution)


Re-Visit: Dominated, We Have Decried More Readily The Evil of our Subjugation Than the Evil of our Submission


Silent News


Slander at Midnight


Slavery & Sexuality: Economics & Racism


Some Seek To Speak Freedom


The Foolish & The Wise Measure Truth


The Moral Imperative &World Civilization


The Poor The Rich The Thief


Stolen (Stealing) Paradise


Cults & Christian Dogmatism


What Is A Womanís Greatest Asset To A Christian Man?


Can A Hen-Pecked Man Be A Godly Minister/Man?





Part 1: KJV A Lesson In Study


Part 2: Versions of The Bible


Part 3: King James Version of the Bible


Part 4: A Note on How To Study The Bible




Moral Laws Or Secularism



Manís Association With the World (A Corruption of Morals)




Assistance To The Public


Blowing High Wind


Reflections of the Spirit


Music And The Black Experience: The Black Experience and Music


The Meaning of Christmas


The Greatest Peace


A Look At PoVerty and Poverty



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