In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

The crisis in the Church today is motivated by Money. We declare as Almighty God is our witness and Judge that the most corrupt practices in the Christian Church stem from the love of money. Therefore it is only logical that if we remove the love of money (are those that love money) from the Church we can bear witness to the Truth of God and receive salvation. The record shows that the primary use for money in the church today is noted in gifts, salaries, and other fringe benefits to the Pastor. The other primary uses of money are noted in church building funds and other auxiliaries that support the Pastor in his quest for financial gain and Spiritual Ruin.

Well when you have a problem it is always worthy to note its source. Thus where did the on- going often unquenchable desire for money by Preachers come from? Have corrupt money hungry Preachers and Church leaders been a negative factor in the history of the Church? Also how is the love of money by church leaders tied to the lies church leaders tell about Tithes and Offerings? Finally then do most Preachers look at the Ministry as an opportunity to get rich?

As always when you approach a topic that has been distorted and mis-represented like this one you have to be clear on your sources of information. However, we always note the Holy Bible as our source for information on the False Teachings and False Doctrines in the Church. Meanwhile the people that claim that Pastor's Anniversaries are needed and justified do not have a scriptural base to support the often blasphemous Celebrations that lift up a man in the flesh other than God. Therefore for the record we declare that there is not scripture that supports giving Preachers large sums of money as a way of appreciation for their service.

So if scripture does not support this campaign and exercise of senseless fund-raising, it evidently comes from man. Thus does man have the right to attempt to re-write the Bible? Does man have the power and authority to removed God and designate a Preacher as their God and worship him?

Again as we come to explore this question we will be led by the Holy Spirit. We thank God and our Savior Jesus Christ for the Holy Spirit and rejoice in the help the Spirit renders. We will begin with the significance and purpose of Old Testament Rituals. In the Rituals of the Old Testament we see scripture that relates to our question. Here we will note that Pastor's Appreciation Services are Rituals. Thus, we can gain some clarity regarding the necessity and use of rituals in the church today.

As we explore the essence of Rituals and Sacrifices, we will also reveal that God is more interested in the Heart and not the sacrifice or the ritual. Here we will see clearly that money is not important to God. However your Heart and Love of God and God's people are very important and the key to Peace and Paradise.

We will also note the utility of the word Celebration and how it relates to our discussion. Pastor's Appreciation Services are often also described as Celebrations. Thus, an understanding of what God says about Celebrations will benefit our discussion.

A closer look at money and how it is noted in the Bible is also very important. Paul talks about the measures necessary in fund-raising activities. God also gives us advice about money in the Book of Proverbs. Thus in the Old and New Testaments we will see that money is not a priority in the lives of true Christians. For example Jesus Christ and Paul are the greatest examples of Preachers in the Bible. However they never noted that money was at the center of their Ministries.

As money deceives the people of the world it also deceives many that claim to be Christians. The scriptures reveal that the world has standards that glorify money. But God's standards are not of the world and money has a particular place and that place is not first. Finally we will look at the role of Church. Here we will be more explicit regarding the role of Jesus Christ as the role model for today's Preachers. As we explore the role of Christ and the Church money is never noted as a priority.


Part 1: “Rituals and God.” Rituals noted in the Bible are supposed to be pleasing to God. Thus, God must be first. Pastor Appreciation Services with the great emphasis on money do not hold God first. It is also noted that man cannot change the order of worship and place him (Preacher) before God.

Part 2: “How Can We Please God?” We can please God by doing our best to abide by the Word of God as revealed in the Holy Bible. We cannot please God by abiding by ungodly Tradition passed down by the ignorant and the ungodly.

Part 3: “Rituals Are Nothing Without God.” Do many Church Congregations spoil and defile many Godly Preachers with gifts of Money? Will faith in God and knowledge of the Bible prevent this from happening? Are all Preachers ungodly for taking money gifts? Are all Church Congregations wrong for giving their Preacher gifts of Money?

Are Big Churches (Congregations more than 500) a gift from God? Do large congregations mean that more people are given the Word of God or more people mean more Money?

Part 4: The Purpose of Celebrations.” Celebrations are a clear way to note God's goodness. Therefore, in a religious sense celebrations are always related to God. Logically this is done through worship services. So if Pastor’s Anniversary Services are viewed as celebrations the great emphasis must be on God.

Part 5: “Man Should Celebrate The Goodness of God.” Jesus has taught us the way to the Father is through Him guided by the Holy Spirit. Money is not the way to God. Money (the Love of Money) is the way to Hell. Give up the Money Preachers?

Part 6: “Pray for the Wicked The Deceivers In God’s House.” Our prayer today, yesterday and as long as we walk, the earth is for all of humankind to be saved. Thus we come realizing that many people in the Church Houses are not saved. Sadly and tragically many of these people are Preachers.

Part 7: “God Is More Important Than Money. If Preachers seek the heart of God, they will Preach and Teach that money is not as important as God. God wants your heart not your money. If you heart is right you will give to the church and the needy. However, God has not commanded us to give large sums of money to the Greedy.

Part 8: “The Love of Money Will Cause You To Make The Wrong Choices.” The Christian journey is not removed from the need and desire for money. However, the Godly attitude toward money differs greatly from the attitude of those in a lost world.

Part 9: “Obedience To God Is More Important Than Money. If you claim to walk with God and know God where is your heart? If your heart dwells on Materialism, Money and the wants of life, you do not Know God. For where your heart is so is your treasure. You cannot love Money more than God. You cannot love God when it is convenient and only to exploit (Preachers are you Guilty?) the people of God. For example telling God's people that God has commanded that we owe Him 10% of our incomes as a Tithe (tax) is ungodly and a Big Lie.


Part 10: “Integrity Is More Important Than Money.” It is a sad day to see the many Church Houses filled with Fake Christians. Yes Fake in their quest to worship Man (Preachers), Money, Church Buildings, Self and Pride. Thus, we find hardly any integrity and honesty within these ungodly people. How can one claim to speak for God with a heart of larceny, a willful Uncle Tom attitude and all manners of deceit and lies?

Part 11: “Do You Trust Money are God? “ As Almighty God is our witness and Judge we declare the following: Do most Preachers and church congregations believe in God and eternal life? Evidently not because there is a clear distinction between God and the world. All people that believe actually know that the Love of Money is a way of the world and has no place in the church.


To the Wicked Prosperity Preachers and the Foolish that follow them:

The Bible which is the Word of God places money in a very particular context. Thus a review of scriptures that relates to money (for example this particular series of Epistles) always point toward the priority of giving to the poor and needy. The Bible does not ANYWHERE say give to the Greedy. Thus when you give large sums of money to Preachers, you are at War with God.

An additional note on the Prosperity Pimps of the Church. You are playing a deadly game of Devils roulette with a fully loaded gun. We warn you to Stop Distorting and Lying on God. God did not say that Money is a priority to receive salvation or anything else. The scriptures say explicitly that most rich people don't think they need God. So how can you say that everybody should try to gain material possessions and money and in the process make you rich? We say again and again irresponsible Preachers challenge their salvation and those that follow them.  Those that are irresponsible are not pleasing to God.

Part 12: “Love of Money Leads to Sin.” It is for sure that God does not place a priority on money. Thus, money has very little utility in your gift of salvation. You cannot buy God nor can you buy salvation. However you can buy a miss-informed Preacher. Again we warn you. Those who place money first in the Church are not people of God.

Part 13: “Religious Leaders Want Money and Power.” The Attempted Destruction of Christianity is evident in the rituals and lust for money and power by today's church leaders. As God is our witness and Judge: Those that don't speak up will be judged as severely as the False Prophets.

For the record with so many ungodly Preachers and Churches, are most Baptist, Methodist etc. actually practicing a False Religion? From our experiences in the Church: Church leaders do not want anyone quoting the Truth of the Bible. Therefore true scripture is forbidden and those that wish to follow the Bible are Censored and Silenced in the Church.

Part 14: Depend On God and Not On Money.” The Traditional Christian Church is on the way to Hell. If you don't believe this read your Bible. However if you follow something else besides the Bible (A Preacher, Money, Self, Prestige etc.) you are also doomed and a FOOL.

Part 15: Should Preachers Preach For God or Money?” The emergence of the Apostle Paul merits a significant occurrence in New Testament scripture. Soon after Paul was called by our Lord and Savior on the Damascus road Jesus makes His ascension. The Old Law has made a transition thus the sacrificial system of tithes and offerings as a way to atone for sin is over. Jesus Christ went to the cross and died for our sins by the will of the Father.

Part 16: “The Truth of God Brings Happiness and Not Money.” It is quite simple. God is first in the Church not Money or a Preacher Dead, Died in Sin.

Part 17: “Money vs. Love.” All of the rich are not ungodly. For example one can actually be a Capitalist and amass wealth and not exploit other human beings. Also those that are not Capitalists do not have an exclusive hold on fairness to workers etc. Money in itself is not evil. Thus, the motivations of humankind and the position of the heart direct the evilness of the wanton pursuit of money and power. All believers are Powerful. They are also rich. Jesus Christ has done more for Socialism than any of the cronies and comrades of the man called Karl Marx.

Part 18: “Abide By Jehovah’s Law.” Those that continue to rebuke the Word of Jehovah God and claim we (FreedomJournal) distort scripture cannot read and are ungodly. Money is a payoff to the world. The way of Jehovah God is Love.


Part 19: “Christians Should Not Live For Money.” Is this present world system Babylon? Is this system based on immoral behavior and the pursuit of money? Who will be in the vanguard of those dead in sin? Will it be the so-called religious leaders in the ungodly traditional Christian Churches are the leaders of Government? Where is the column of twos? We see the single line of the righteous that will be raised to Peace and Paradise. However, the admission is free. This is noted in the Word.

Part 20: “Babylon Is Falling: Riches and Money Will Fail.” The ways of a wretched and wicked material world is coming to a close. However many that are dead in sin refuse to acknowledge the awesome power of God. As addicts to the temporary pleasures of life they defy Jehovah God and hail the man-made heaven on earth. Surely the resurrections of man will see these lost blinded souls in a grave of eternal life with no feeling and no mood of joy or pain.

Part 21: “Babylon A Temporary Treasure.” Many among us do not know Jehovah God. However the tricks of Satan are so devastating that many actually think that they do. But you cannot see God if you first have a Love for Man. This wicked world as it is written will end. Babylon is falling and so will the wicked desire for money as a cure-all for the ills of society.

Part 22: “The Cry and Mourning of The Wicked. The lust for money often breeds the exploitation of other Human Beings. Preachers and Church Leaders that are in the Vanguard of Oppression and Exploitation are Big Criminals. Where does your Preacher stand on this issue? Does he Preach a Prosperity Doctrine? Does he claim that God has commanded a Tithe of your income?

There was once a man who followed a Devil. At the end of the road he looked quite foolish as he tried to deny that he also was a Devil.

Part 23: “Money Is not The Mission of The Church.” As Almighty God is our witness, the Church was established to Praise God. The Church is not the place for things of the world. Those that insist on tainting the houses of God will see the wrath of God when Babylon falls.

Part 24: “Preachers That Stand On Truth Are Not Afraid To Sacrifice.” What are the reasons for so much disobedience and unbelief among many Preachers? Also, why is there so much disobedience and blind faith in the ungodly among so many so-called Christians? Is the worship of Preachers and the lust to give Preachers monetary gifts the sign of a Cult? If you put anything especially a man (Preacher) before God are you a Devil worshiper are a member of a Cult? Thus are many Baptists, Methodists and many other Christian Denominations who follow man and not God brainwashed?

In the definitive qualities of Cult are there any similarities with the various TV Ministries. For example are some of the most popular TV Preachers Cult Leaders?

Part 25: “Unity Around God And Not Money.” God is Divine. Thus, God is the way to Peace and Paradise. However when you follow man you pave the way to Hell.

Part 26: “Unity  In The Church: The Actors of Unity.”  All of humankind have a heart. What is in your heart? The Truth of God is very simple. A heart of God is pleasing and noted by belief and faith. Do you truly love your parents, spouse, children and siblings? Is this love truly in your heart?  Do you know if your love for an individual is false or based on true sincere feelings? Do you think that God is not aware of your thoughts and your actions and what motivates your heart?

What is the greatest testimony of Unity? Is this Unity in the vanguard of all aspects of Unity? How can a heart be moved with love and compassion for all people that walk and crawl the earth? Have you seen the beginning and ending flight of a great bird? Have you seen the beginning and ending of a great storm?

Part 27: “Discipline The Greedy.” The Righteous comes with the inspired messages and also those of a historical context. The inspired however are a gift from God. Thus the inspiration from God has a distinct and unique quality as opposed to those with only intellectual knowledge. But the fusion of Inspiration and Intellect brings Joy and Delight.

There was once a man who did see. He saw not for selfish reasons but for all of humankind. However, he was rebuked and scorned. But he never wavered from his assigned mission of Truth. Will you be weak in the flesh and weak in love and Truth? Again who plots the way of the wind and sends water to replenish the earth and His people?



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