December 14, 2006 Percy Priest Lake, Hurricane Creek, by Carl A. Patton



There were whores and whoremongers.

Gender held no distinction as

both opened there legs, arms and

soul to a wayward world gone mad.


As they used up the world’s resources

they tainted the landscape and

polluted everything in sight.


Many went on great crusades across

the world feeding the helpless

children to often fiery deaths but

while many came to sacrifice one

life for many others.


Satan the new and old age Pimp

stood with black joy and death on the

last heart he had left.


Good whores recruited other degenerate

elements to take part in the

games of lust that cause death

and destruction throughout the land.


Satan Pimped many to death with names

Like Willie and Carrie Mae on over.

While the flesh the physical body

cried out the greatest whoremonger killed

the body.


Then he reached for the mind and

the intellect knowing full well he could

not Pimp the wisdom that came

from the Spirit.



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