2 March 2006, Stewart’s Creek, by Carl A. Patton



Deep in the forest stood

two beautiful trees. They were not

all alone although many

thought that was so.


There was North and South.

Also there stood East and

West. They gazed afar.


Some gazed at each

other but they remained

distant shore.


The Trees were tall and

straight. Standing tall

among many in the great



One also stood on the

right. Logically one stood

on the left.


Who named Liberal and

who named who Conservative?

Did they really exist?


Many thoughts changed. Soon

Liberals turned to the foul

smell of the Goats.


Many on the right the alleged

Conservatives lost sight of the

Spirit and saw many things,


Not of God. Was there a

remnant among right and



Meanwhile John saw space

in between. He also saw the merger

of left to right And right to left.


How could this be so?

How could this be true?

Is Truth on both sides?


Does God command all

Truth? Where is Truth?

Can all have Truth?


Does Truth then come

with a price?

Is the cost of Truth free?


John loved the two

Trees. He also loved




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