March 31, 2007, Rock Place, Stewart’s Creek, by Carl A. Patton



There was once a Book written from left to right. It saw the future the present and the past.


There was an ending and a beginning.


There were days that could only be seen from the pages of a great Book. Today I looked back and beyond.


Much had been passed down but the daily hogs and goats only sneered at the record keepers.


Meanwhile the dead spoke loudly. Many sacrifices had been made. So had great miracles come upon the earth.


Some though read from left to right. However some came to see from right to left.


John saw the future the present as he favored the foundation from the past.


Those seeing right saw past, present and future.


The left has seen misery and pain. They also see many things not normal.


The right readers sometimes see God. However God reads neither left nor right. Jesus sits at the head table many flanked Him as He is the center of Truth.





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