“Carl, share with us what thought patterns are in the mind of a poet? It seems like poets see the world differently than analytical thinkers or am I analyzing that too much?” Very Happy



Brother Donnell,


Peace be unto you. As a preface to the following statements let it be written that I write all things by way of an analysis.  Also what is very or most important in my work is my belief in God and the Creation. Therefore I describe myself as an analytical thinker. For the record the FreedomJournal and this writer seeks a critique of society and the world we live in. To do this one has to be analytical.


For example one of my most important and revolutionary research documents still in progress is “The Methodology For Obtaining Truth.”


Also for your information and mediation. I consider myself a versatile writer. While writing the more analytical and hard fact material you are restricted to certain sources and of course certain facts. I find this more exhausting (the Truth is rewarding) and I have to write on another concentration level.


However when one writes a historical novel which I have some fondness for there is a certain freedom. This freedom is expressed in developing fictional characters etc. Although you adhere to historical facts you can go where you want with characters, dialogue etc.


Now when it comes to poetry I seek to analyze a particular situation. Although here it is done in a more simple fashion. Here also you find the freedoms to explore and speak often in abstract terms. However every word has a meaning.


When many readers get lost in the interpretation this is not the poets delight. However no one can capture the essence of the poem as seen by the writer. Also some poetry takes improvisation. Therefore every time the writer reads it he sees something else other than what he saw and felt when it was first written.


I agree that poets and writers that spend a great deal of time thinking truly see the world differently. I hope this has answered some of your questions and concerns. I will follow up with a poem and an explanation. Here you may read something that you did not see in the poem.


Peace and Love,

Brother Carl








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