12-27-05 by Carl A. Patton, Atlanta, GA



The times and days of the year passed and went. So did hot days, hot nights and the cold days and nights of winter time.


So were yesterdays of war, famine, floods and wind change. The earth shook, the mountains roared. What did the people do? Some prayed some stayed at home and looked to man. Many knew of passed days. While some knew not of the day or time.


The people hungered and thirst was on every dry breath. Some also hungered and longed for the Word. This became meat and their minds and hearts were quenched.


Meanwhile the scribes saw sunshine at winter time. He could at any time feel the rain and wind. He could see the sun move on dry land.


John heard the scribes’ wave at the wind. He heard that they stood up for often they were the only one.  Friends of the world fled to deeper ground. His family often would frown and take up an enemy’s banner. But he continued to ride the Truth wings; this is what is heard of the scribes.


As the record became a testimony the scribes gave thanks for every stream, brook, Great River and the seas that covered the earth. He would also see a constant need to hail the water as this paid tribute to the Creation.





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