1-17-07, Victory Park, by Carl A. Patton



Land and great houses was the natural baggage of the rich man.

For his cattle and horses stretched wide and the water

that passed through his land was deep.


Meanwhile his dreams were filled with love as his

great desire was to help those without. He loved

to see a smiling heart as only God could see through

the flesh.


As a listener to John and what he had been told he

helped to build the church. The sacred writings,

faith and his belief was his great treasure. This man

truly loved Christ Jesus. He was very rich.


There was also a poor man. Down home

He would be called Po. His Spirit was broken

and broke. He knew nothing of John

and what he had been told.


He awoke also in splendor as he had a great

house and many servants. He ate from the

fatted calf as his land and friends stretched

far and wide.


He had great influence, he was rich

and all the world hailed his

great wealth. But often he had little real joy.


What joy he had was confused with

happiness. As real joy only comes with

those that see eternal riches.


One day all of the land was flooded and

a foul smell came upon the people. The

cattle and horses died.


Fire from the sky struck the great house

and many structures were destroyed.

The servants ran to the hills seeking

help and all the jewelry, gold and silver

was devoured by the thieves coming in

the night.


However one man with land and houses

had a premium insurance policy.

He had faith in things eternal and not

things temporal.  This man was rich

and not poor.



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